Joshua Giddings loves people. With his over 20 years of mortgage lending experience, he helps them reach their goals every day. As a Summit Mortgage Branch Manager NMLS#39634, he doesn’t do it through selling mortgages. Getting married, buying a home, and having a baby are listed as the biggest life events adults can experience. Having a hand in one of those, Josh never sees people as a number. Instead, he builds relationships to make sure they get exactly what they want.

For most people, the biggest challenge to overcome is fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. This is why Josh has removed fear from his life and learned to take a leap of faith. He has adopted the strong mindset he learned while studying martial arts. He was taught a saying: Iron mind, bean curd body. This means, if your head isn’t right, you won’t win the fight no matter what the physical attributes are. When you are responsible for others, your mindset has to be dialed in.

Fear and success are concepts that Josh doesn’t put much thought into. That’s because he doesn’t see them as areas that deserve much focus. Instead, Josh’s goal is financial freedom. If you never have to check your balance in your checking account to see if you can buy something, you are free. Fear has no place in life or business, and success can’t be quantified. “If you can quantify it, you probably don’t have it…Some things in life are best left alone and not tried to be crammed into a jar or label. We as humans have a very bad habit of liking to label and compartmentalize things. It’s human nature, but when we do that we limit it,” he says.

Josh believes that whatever you are doing you should aim to be the best at it. Before he got his start as a mortgage lender, he was the best bartender. Many of his regular customers were in the mortgage business, and he felt the excitement, energy, and income that came along with helping people. He wanted in! As he found his love for helping families, Josh made an important discovery. There is only one Josh G, and he is the brand. He is the only one who can offer the experience people have working with him. “At the end of the day everyone has all the same products and services, but there is only one of you! Define who you are, develop who you are, control who you are and watch the growth and positive impact you have on others,” he says.

Once Josh discovered his self-limiting beliefs, he could overcome his biggest obstacle—himself. He discovered that we are the only people holding us back. Money, influence, looks, and experience are only excuses we use to keep us from being the best versions of ourselves. “You are the brand, become the best at what you do…If you can’t dominate the small things, what makes you think you can dominate the large things? Start small, think big and make it happen! In order to get action, you must take action,” he says.

What’s next for Josh? He has his sights set on launching a Summit Mortgage branch in South Florida, and he plans to establish streams of fully automated passive income. You can follow him on Instagram @whoisjoshg.