In conclusion I would like to say that we Duality Review are privileged to have God’s wisdom available to us as protection against getting involved with the wrong people. However, I also see in these verses a mirror in which we can look to ensure that we ourselves never become the “wrong people” against whom others need to be warned. May our Lord have mercy on us and strengthen us to become the light which He has in mind for us to be.We are all born with at least one guardian angel. Our guardian angels are with us always and they are our protectors and guides and can assist us with healing all areas of our lives. Your guardian angel never leaves your side and is ready and willing to work with you at any time!

Here are some simple techniques to help you get in touch with your own guardian angel. Sit in a quiet place inside of your home and relax. Meditate for a few moments and let your mind become more still and quiet.Visualize yourself surrounded by a beautiful golden light energy. This golden light will attract angelic energies to you.Speak either silently or out loud to your guardian angel. Your guardian angel is your friend as well as a mediator between you and God. Tell your Angel that you would like to connect with him or her. Talk about what is in your heart. Your angel loves to listen to you.

Now imagine that you see your angel is standing beside you and this angel is sending a pure, white light into your crown chakra (on top of your head) and is awakening your ability to see, hear and feel the presence of angels!Sense the presence of many angelic energies in the room with you now. They are sending white and violet light energy into your 3rd eye chakra (in between your eyebrows), awakening your clairvoyant abilities to clearly see your angels!

Visualize that you are now sitting on a beautiful beach. You see the sand is sparkling and the waters are a wonderful blue color. The sun in shining upon your face and a gentle breeze blows through your hair and warmly across your skin. You say, “I now would like to meet my guardian angel!” Imagine that you see a beautiful white light moving closer to you as you sit on the beach. As the light moves closer, it begins to form into a beautiful angel. What does this angel look like? This is your guardian angel.