Appreciate being alive and feel the existence of all that is can fill us with loving energy. Print out these lovely cards and put them on your refrigerator to practice every day. How about starting this Monday?

Monday – With what attitude do I challenge myself today?

Challenging ourselves to be our best can bring great achievement. But nurturing ourselves can bring inner-peace and energy to achieve even further. Keep a balance today. Stop a moment and ask yourself which attitude is right for you at this very moment. And answer it with a loving mantra: “I will move at the speed of my body, not my brain” (Judith Hanson Lasater)

Tuesday – Why do we resist life?

Sometimes we have a lot of resistance without noticing it. Our face is stressed, our body is in tension, our mind is busy and occupied. Take a moment today to ask yourself this question. Notice your resistance, and practice let go with a completely curious, open and loving mind.

Wednesday – What is true for me right now?

Paying attention to our feelings can help relieve stress and worries. Take care of your emotional needs. It can heal. Three times today, stop and ask yourself, what is true and alive for me right now? Am I sad, am I longing too much with something, am I fully with myself? Be open and honest with yourself. Then live from that understanding

Thursday – Am I here?

How often my mind is with my body? Sometimes we can be with our children, and our mind is busy with work. Am I having lunch and discussing dinner? Am I cooking and thinking about shopping? Be fully mindful of what you are doing today. Promise yourself to be in what you are doing with all your heart. Each time you forget, come back right away.

Friday – Am I doing the right things for the wrong reasons?

Have the courage and love to live authentically your life. No matter what others can think about your choice today, make it with your own integrity. Stop today and ask you this question. Am I doing this for someone else’s reasons? Then it is not making your life and other’s a place of love and peace. Make your life with true love and care, and allow yourself to choose from your heart.

Saturday – What does this moment say?

Take a moment today, breathe deeply, and appreciate that you are alive. Imagine you on this beautiful blue planet. Feel the gratitude and joy to be in your wonderful body. Today in whatever you do, actively listen to what your body is telling you and appreciate it.

Sunday – Where can I go that God isn’t?

Everything that exists has a meaning. Today, take a moment to celebrate Life. Be aware of the Consciousness that embraces all beings. Be with the immense feeling to be part of it right now.

Starting this week cultivate joy through these simple mantras. Listen to and nurture yourself. Practice no resistance. Know what is true for you. Be present fully. Have the courage to be authentic. Appreciate being alive. And feel the existence of all that is. Will you try this with me, and fill our week with loving energy?

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