Bring more joy to your browsing

Every day, you open dozens of tabs in your internet browser. Wouldn’t that task be a lot more fun if it also included, say, GIFs of pugs, kittens, or panda bears?

To further Thrive Global’s quest to make every moment more joyful, we’ve partnered with Chrome to create a downloadable browser extension. Every time you open a new tab or browser window, you’ll get adorable animal imagery and actionable, science-based tips to increase workplace productivity and well-being, from “Feeling overwhelmed at work? Take a second to tidy your desk and workspace.” to “Need a mood boost? Smell an orange to feel better, increase alertness, and reduce anxiety.” If you want to learn more, just click on the three dots to expand the text and continue reading.

Download the extension because, let’s face it: The key to winning the internet — and life — is baby animals.

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