When young Michael Clark Jr. attended his adoption hearing, he didn’t just sit beside his foster (soon to be legal) parents — he sat with his entire kindergarten class and teacher. In this adorable video shared on Facebook by a local morning news anchor, Michael’s classmates giggle and cheer from the benches, waving paper hearts in their hands for the special occasion. 


“I’m so grateful to all of you,” Michael’s father says, turning to address Michael’s peers directly. “Life comes at you fast,” he adds, shaking his head in gratitude.  

When the judge invites members of the audience to speak about their relationship with Michael and share words of support, one woman says, “Family doesn’t have to be DNA.” The gathering in the courtroom displays the power of community, and how family can be found everywhere, even in the people you learn and work alongside. (In the case of workplace friendships, for example, those tight bonds can help prevent burnout).

“Believe me, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room,” James Stark, the news anchor who shared the video, wrote — and if you watch the video, you’ll be tearing up as well. 

For another instant heart-warmer, check out this story of two 89-year-old women who have been friends for eight decades, and recently moved into the same nursing home. Theirs is a special tale of community, and how true friendship withstands the tests of time. Kathleen Saville, one of the two women, shared poignant advice on how to keep a relationship going: “Put yourself out and go and see your friend. Don’t always wait for them to come and see you.” 

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