Death came,held my hand gently and took me away…Welcomed me to his new world and guided me through the way..
I flew with him scared and reluctant, but since i had no other option, i flew..Where was he taking me, I had no clue…but i flew..

As we went higher I felt, as if i was a delicate snowflake….We crossed the high mountains,the flowing rivers and a glittering lake….
Then as we drove,came my home sweet home,and my family had started building my tomb….

My heart wept….when i saw my closed ones cried, They were mourning as i had died……..
Then from somewhere someone called my name…. I looked up and then nothing was the same….

Hands outstretched was my family who had died… when they had left Oh !!!! how had i cried….
Now with them i shall unite.. and then everything will be perfectly alright..

I thought i would be lonely up there, But all my dear ones came from somewhere..
We hugged and kissed as long lost friends… And now FINALLY we knew there was no end..

I was ecstatic to meet all as we exchanged greetings, and then we had those long intimate conversational meetings….
All news and gossips from the earth below, Where people had lost faith and had become shallow….

Suddenly i missed my people whom i left on earth, thinking they would be missing my dearth….
Then when i looked down my heart again cried… Coz now no one even remembered that i had died…….


I wished i had reaped love in every heart.. as of their heart, i always wanted to be a part…
Wished i had lived my life more worthwhile… So that when i was remembered , i was remembered with a smile….


  • Kajal lunkad


    I love to splash my creativity in designing, jewellery, painting, punning and writing poetry. I love to play with words and colours. My insatiable thirst for knowledge makes me travel , read and explore life at every opportunity