Have you ever had such a joyful conversation with someone that you find yourself fully immersed in the experience? That describes my wholehearted conversation with Radhi Devlukia.

Adored by millions of followers on the socials for her dedication to cultivating a mindful lifestyle with her vibrant, delicious recipes, wellness insights, and genuine authenticity, Radhi brings deep joy through conscious cooking and eating. As Joyfull, her brand new book, makes its way into our hearts, minds, and kitchens, I’m delighted to share the wisdom and inspiration that flowed from our chat.

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A Healthy Relationship with Food 

Radhi’s story is a celebration of food’s transformative power that goes beyond nutrition. It’s about creating connections, celebrating life, and nourishing the soul. Born and raised in London, she comes from an Indian family where she recalls, “Food was and is and always will be the center of everything”. She goes on to explain, “It’s how we share love, it’s how we share laughter. It’s how we just create our relationships with each other.” 

Healing the body through nature has been such an integral part of my growing up.

—Radhi Devlukia

This foundation in her life led her to pursue nutrition and later dive deep into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, teaching her the science and the significance of tuning into our body’s needs. She describes Ayurveda as “the most natural way of connecting to my body, the most natural way to connect to people and the environment around me,” and has been at the heart of understanding the profound impact of conscious living. Radhi beautifully articulates, “It’s about creating these little tiny moments throughout the day that slowly increase the joy that we’re feeling.”

The Continuous Journey as Seeker and Sharer

As a curious explorer and a passionate advocate for holistic well-being, Radhi’s captivating journey is one of discovery and sharing. Even before her book, Joyfull, became a tangible manifestation of her wisdom, Radhi has been a prolific sharer, touching the lives of millions through her social media platforms. There, she generously offers everything from her flavorful recipes and health tips to wellness videos, natural skincare, beauty advice, and insights on living a conscious lifestyle. 

Her approach transcends traditional dietary advice, offering a holistic pathway to a life of mindfulness, joy, and deep connection, truly embodying the essence of being a seeker and sharer in the modern age. Reflecting on her journey, Radhi shares, “I see myself as a bridge and a vessel for people to connect to [my incredible teachers] and the knowledge that they’ve given me,” embodying her role making timeless wisdom accessible to all. 

What you eat—along with your daily habits and the thoughts you think—has the ability to completely transform every aspect of your health.

—Radhi Devlukia

The Art of Gratitude and Savoring

Radhi illuminated the importance of being present and conscious of our food—”from buying the food to the moment it actually comes through our body.” Starting with choosing ingredients that benefit our bodies and the environment and pouring love and positive energy into the cooking process, every step is an opportunity to nurture ourselves and those we love. 

Conscious eating is also essential as Radhi shared, “There’s been studies to show that when your body’s in anxiety and it’s doing so many different things, your body actually doesn’t get a moment to realize that, oh, food is coming. Let me start creating the enzymes on my tongue that are necessary to break the food down. Let me start creating the digestive juices that need to be flowing through my stomach to get ready for the food that’s coming. We forget to send those cues because we’re so distracted.” This emphasizes the significance of mentally and physically readying ourselves to receive and digest nourishment.

To prepare ourselves for mindful eating, Radhi highlights the power of a simple moment of gratitude before meals, explaining “the food actually digests so much better when you have a moment just before where you are having peace, mindfulness, and a little bit of gratitude”. Through Radhi’s guidance, we learn it’s about creating and savoring meals that are not only nutritious but also joyous and fulfilling. 

Say a prayer of gratitude, serve with love, and eat with joy. ❤️

—Radhi Devlukia

A Simple and Underrated Practice with Profound Impact

Beyond the kitchen and the dining table, Radhi frequently shares holistic wellness practices. And when I asked her to share one specific practice or ritual she finds most underrated yet impactful, she didn’t hesitate, “Breathwork has changed the way that I exist through the day. Whether it’s breathwork that eases my anxiety in the morning, that energizes me midday, or that puts me to sleep and relaxes me in the evening, I use breath to really navigate my emotions and my moods.” The versatility, accessibility, and power of breathwork cannot be overstated. Radhi elaborates on its astounding effects, particularly highlighting the practice of Anulom Vilom, or alternate nostril breathing, to rebalance.

“Our left and right hemispheres of our brain are connected to our left and right nostrils. So left connects to right and right connects to the left,” Radhi explains. This practice involves a deliberate pattern of breathing through one nostril at a time, which helps to harmonize the two hemispheres of the brain, fostering a state of equilibrium and focus. Radhi’s discussion on breathwork serves as a reminder that a simple and potent tool for enhancing our daily lives is something that is always available to us. Radhi assures us that Joyfull contains an array of such breathwork practices, inviting readers to explore and integrate these transformative techniques into their own routines.

“Cook Effortlessly, Eat Freely, Live Radiantly”

As we navigate the complexities of life, Radhi’s message offers a beacon of hope and a path to a more connected and fulfilling existence. She makes the art of bridging our food and understanding our bodies accessible to all, guiding us towards improved health and harmony. 

We don’t have to choose between food that makes us feel good and brings us joy. Food can be both.

—Radhi Devlukia

Let’s embrace Radhi’s vision and embark on our own journeys so that every meal and every moment can be a step toward a more conscious, Joyfull life.

With gratitude,

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