Julian Hall Talks About the Power of Having a Strong Vision

What is the right mindset for a successful entrepreneur? You are not born an entrepreneur, but you become one. A successful entrepreneur is an ordinary person like you and me, but with a few minor details. He is a person with a vision, sometimes even a huge vision such as Steve Jobs who founded the brand of the bitten apple, but who, unlike more than 95% of the others, does everything possible to MATERIALIZE this vision.

An entrepreneur is one who is willing to wait two, three years without any results. A person endowed with great perseverance and patience, then who at the ten thousand first time, literally explodes his results.

Julian Hall is one of these guys. A British entrepreneur who founded #AskUltra, Startup Dash, and Ultra Education certainly know a thing or two about running a business. Julian is one of the leading tech entrepreneurs in an industry that is rapidly being inundated with interested ideas. His work is being celebrated around the globe. But, he has a lot to say about the power of developing a strong vision. He starts off by giving quotes from celebrated professionals.

“I haven’t failed. I just found 10,000 ways that don’t work”. – Thomas Edison

A successful entrepreneur is one who is full of inexhaustible motivation and who has the rage to succeed and accomplish his goals once and for all, an insolent determination!

An entrepreneur has a daring ambition, because he takes the path that no one takes, the one that is less certain as others say.

They take risks.

The more risks you take, the bigger the risk of losing, but the more likely you are to hit the jackpot!

This article is aimed at people who are interested in the world of entrepreneurship, but also at entrepreneurs themselves, whether they have their field of activity on the web or not.

So, stay motivated for what will follow, because it will be EXPLOSIVE for YOUR MINDSET!

From Imagination To Vision

Vision, this is one of the pillars of the mindset of the successful entrepreneur! Mink (in the long run) will keep you confident in yourself. To believe in YOU, to believe in your goals and above all to believe in YOUR success!

It is in a way the mental diagram that the entrepreneur makes. It gives THE direction to take for the successful completion of actions. The mink is not an imaginary dream, NO! This is where the idea begins, which gradually grows for the entrepreneur.

The latter will motivate you even more in the “bad times”. You will be inspired by this vision in your “obstacle course” to have the results that YOU hope for! Vision is the major pillar behind taking action, in reality it is part of all the actions that the entrepreneur decides to take.

The vision will promote your creativity as well as your innovation. The visionary entrepreneur seeks to “create a better world that will meet the most important needs while picking up a good bundle of cash on the side.” And this world is described and explained in his vision.

Your vision will allow you to better configure your organization and your productivity. It gives much more meaning to the development of your project.

But the vision is also linked to your objectives, to the development of your activity as well as to your vocation .

Visionary goals, your vision will allow you to develop your intermediate goals to finally reach your final goal.

And that’s what will allow you to turn your mink into reality!

Your vision will also allow you to implement direct strategies to overcome your competitors, in the development of your activity; And finally your vocation is none other than all these small actions that you implement to achieve your goals. The vision of the successful entrepreneur is therefore linked to his vocation to know what these small actions are to develop, to achieve their final objective which is nothing other than the materialization of this vision.