My mind is fluttering with hundreds of quotes that demonstrate the beauty and power of the self. A few that come to mind are:

○ “Do you ever dream, Forest, about who you are go to be.” “Aren’t I going to be me?” – Forest Gump

○ “If you are not unique, you will not get noticed.” – Richard Branson

The power of being yourself is the greatest superpower you can have. Most people do not even realize their own potential. We have a direct connection to ourselves and once we align our heart and mind to our soul, we become unstoppable.

No matter what it is you want to do, the only thing stopping you is yourself. Sure, there are physical limitations or perhaps even emotional or mental limitations that from the surface look like they would prohibit obtaining certain goals.


There are thousands of stories of overcoming adversity and creating something out of what others would say is nothing. The difference between someone who is successful and someone who isn’t is there mindset. So much of success is subjective, yet from the outside people see success with objective lenses.

Your Unique You

What sets people apart is their uniqueness.

I love the quote from Richard Branson. In a world that is full of lemmings and thousands of people who simply just ‘go with the flow’ doing or being different will get you noticed. Certainly, some people go to the extremes (whether good or bad) for 15 minutes of fame, yet those who set themselves apart by being different than the norm are the ones who change the world the most.

Each of us are unique. Even identical twins have differences (although slight in many cases).  Knowing this truth should be the spark that lights our fires.

We all have the ability, the opportunity, the choice on how we show up. No one else holds the reigns on this. Circumstances, relationships, and seasons may impact how we show up or when we show up, however the bottom line is that when we take full responsibility and accountability for your lives, that uniqueness can shine.

Ability is completely up to us. This is the drive that spurs us on to achieve results. Whether we are learning new skills, reading books, or creating content for our businesses, ability is what we possess or obtain to complete something.

Opportunity is the circumstances that create the framework for us to do something. Opportunities are easily able to be attracted. Here are seven quick ways to increase opportunity in your life:

  1. Let others know you are looking
  2. Get out of your comfort zone
  3. Share your ideas, thoughts, journey
  4. Track your accomplishments
  5. Be generous
  6. Seek continuous improvement
  7. Obtain a mentor

The best thing about opportunity is that even when circumstances may appear bleak, there is always opportunity. Opportunity, however, will not always show up in ways that you expect it to. This is where…

Choice comes into play. Choice is a decision. In every situation, circumstance, and season we are faced with making decisions, choices about how to navigate them. Occasionally, the choices you have may not be the ones you want to make, albeit there is always the ability to make a choice. 

Your ability to navigate through abilities, opportunities, and choices become your uniqueness. No one else can be like you. When you show up as only you can (and should) magic happens.

The Secret To The Superpower

Being unique means that you bring a perspective that no one else can. Our journey’s our lives, our experiences create those filters from which we attack life with. When we bring to the table the awareness of our experiences, we are bringing to the table a version of ourselves that the world needs…

Your Unique You.