building connections

When was the last time you picked up the phone to say “I miss you”, “I love you” or “how are you” to a friend or parent “Just because”? 

You weren’t calling because you were depressed, lonely or angry about something or someone. You just wanted to let them know that you care!Do  you remember that time? How long ago was it?

Or have you just been too busy? 
• working hard 
• being stressed about work
• keeping up with the joneses
• pretending to be happy
• taking care of the children
• trying to find your soul mate
• being depressed about life
• living life and forgetting about the time that has passed

Why do we all forget about the important things in life in the name of “busy”?

Busy doing what?
Or is it that “being busy” gives us a false sense of importance because only losers aren’t busy?
“Busy” is not the only buzz word we use a lot these days. I keep hearing people declare their love or how much they miss each-other “just because” it doesn’t cost anything to say these things.

On one hand, it feels really nice to hear someone’s expression of love and on the other hand, it almost feels cheap because it’s an easy out – as if uttering those thoughts alone will replace showing up and taking action. 

We spend so much time supporting people we don’t know but we don’t support those right in front of us. Just a little bit of support in someone’s life can go a long way. So let’s begin doing it today.” – Jay Shetty

Questions to think about…

  • Who are your friends?
  • What does friendship really mean to you? Is it worth showering it with your presence and love?
  • How do you treat your colleagues?
  • Would it make a difference if you started acknowledging them and their wins more often?

Please share your answers with me!

Written by Ariane Tavakol