Making things happen require a lot more than a desire for greatness, it takes an individual who is willing to dream big and work hard. Because while others are watching things happen, the truest leaders of this world are taking part in that change. It is a hustlers mindset that drives greatness and Larry Nolan is an incredible example of it. As a successful entrepreneur, he has worked hard to ensure that he is doing his part in transforming the way we see the business industry. From starting as a fitness trainer to owning some of the best gyms in the country, Nolan is making this happen—he is redefining greatness.

As a trainer at 16 years old, Larry Nolan has been hustling his way to the top. Despite his lack of a high school diploma and a college degree, Nolan has changed the status quo and has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. He founded Hardcore Fitness, a gym focused on every aspect of the clients fitness experience. Nolan’s love for fitness has allowed him to build the life he dreamed of ever since he was a young boy. While much of his success seemed unimaginable at one point, Larry Nolan have proven that with a hustlers mindset, anything is truly possible.

Larry Nolan started at nothing, literally, and he has turned his business into one of the fastest growing companies in America. He believes people aren’t just born leaders, some take time to develop their hustle and act on their passion. Nolan is one of those individuals—he has learned and he has succeeded. As an entrepreneur, Nolan goes by this acronym: H.I.R.E. Hustle, Improvement, Resilience and Execution are key to being your own boss and hustle to thrive.

Hustle: Work Ethic

The passion and inability to settle for less has been the driving factor in much of Larry Nolan’s success. He knew that he wanted a better life for himself and his family and as clear as it was, there was no way of stopping him. Nolan was clueless as on how to act on his passion for fitness, but he refused to let go of his dream. Throughout his journey as a businessman, Nolan quickly learned that to be an entrepreneur meant that he needed to let go of the mindset guidance. He learned that entrepreneurship meant that he was held accountable for his actions and most importantly, it all was up to him. He was his own boss and his own obstacle.

Nolan’s goals didn’t start off by wanting to be the founder of a two time Inc5000 company but instead it started as finding the means to put food on the table. He knew that he was capable of things bigger than himself and with that realization, he began setting goals. What started as small goals turned into achievements and with time, he noticed a change. He was sacrificing a lot of time to learn new skills, acquire knowledge and build clientele. Hardcore Fitness grew one client at a time and with Nolan’s work ethic, his business expanded from California to Orlando, Florida. Nolan began from nothing and his humility led him to work harder than ever for his dreams.

Improvement: Always Developing

The growth of Hardcore Fitness has been incredible and his team continues to expand. However, their focus has remained the same—client experience. From the culture of the gyms to the end results of a client, Nolan has ensured his business is focused on the foundation of their goals. To assess yourself and your business is essential to him and he believes it helps determine where you are headed. With always improving yourself, you are building a community of positive outcomes.

Larry Nolan breaks developing into three key parts. First, you must look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. Identify the things that are holding you back and do not sugar coat it. Be hard on those setbacks because once you understand them, you will be able to overcome them. Secondly, set up a plan to fix it. And third, identify the reasons for doing what you’re doing because that’s what is going to be pushing you to make these changes every day. Larry Nolan knows that this will lead you to become that hustler that reaches those set goals.

Resilience and Execution

Many hustlers say that you’re either born with it or not, but Larry Nolan doesn’t agree with that. The success he has had with Hardcore Fitness has been because he has been self-resilient—he has learned from his mistakes and has moved on. The challenges along the way have not stopped him. He has pushed through and he has executed. Nolan has been able to make life-changing decisions along his way and the sacrifices he has made have been completely worth it. At 23, he quit his job, went from a home to an apartment and was back to working in a corporate gym. He found his way and shortly after, he was one of the busiest trainers in his area. It was his passion and resilience that ultimately enabled him to find the opportunities he did. There was nobody who loved fitness more and there was nobody else willing to go through the hard work—Larry Nolan did. With nothing and no guidance, he made impossible things happen.