Just let it go, Lisa!  I’ve heard my whole life.  It’s supposed to be a cliche’ that is enlightening, right?   I mean it was designed to tell me to drop things, not worry about them, let it slide and stop thinking about it.

The not so new age cliche’ is what songs are made of.   Its suppose to be helpful! This very small and yet powerful term has been the seed of serious issues in my life.  Issues I’ve had to work hard to get through.

True we might be better served if we at times let things go instead of hanging on, but as with anything else, it is relative.  It isn’t something we can decide for someone else.

I’ve found that as a society we tend to let things go too much and not really resolve them.

I’ve experienced through my own inner work that often I need to hang on to it to process it, understand it or learn from it. Whatever it is at any given time.  Whatever it is our minds, our beliefs, our stories or our experiences.

The time when I finally got that I didn’t need to let it go I waited and processed it without meddling and just observing it.  I found out something very amazing! I learned a great deal about myself. I actually embraced holding on to the “something”.

The experience was great because I was able to really be mindful of how that term had caused me to continually repeat things,  patterns, situations over and over. Why? Because I let it go before I got the information I needed.

I found that I’m really good at finding cracks in the systems, beliefs, stories, concepts or excuses.  I found that I ask questions that others don’t think of. I had major revelations.

Since then my life has opened up in different ways.  I found a gift of being a type of Sherlock Holmes. A detective of sorts.  I think outside the box. I actually process things in my mind until they are done.  Then I don’t need to force it to let go, it just does!

Yet, I still hear the echoes of my mother telling me to Just let it go!  I still struggle whether to speak up, speak out, ask questions that I know people don’t want me to ask, see cracks., or bring up subjects that are taboo. Because of my gift of seeing things differently, I’ve had the “kick in the stomach” many times from conformists.  Those that just as soon live by default not ever questioning. It’s not easy at times.

I do believe that not all meaningful evolved phrases such as “let it go”  are meant to be applied to every situation.I believe that people shouldn’t just tell us to “ let it go” when they can’t know that we really should.  Being in a “follow the crowd” society we most likely are told to “let things go” more than we should actually let it go!

There should be a sense of when to speak up, stand up, continue to process something and when to let it go.  

Our conditioned mind comes from many sources as we grow up and most often, if not always, those beliefs don’t serve us. What serves us more in my experience is the questioning of those beliefs. Learning how to process, discern and apply them to each situation not just have a blanket statement designed to continue to promote conformity!  To continue to promote a lack of original thinking.

Photo by Luca Upper on Unsplash