Just let it go!!

After writing the title of this anecdote, I pondered about things I am holding within and to my surprise the list was messy , unorganised and lengthy one. In that list, there are people who don’t matter now but every moment spent with them is still alive in the form of vague images and resonating sound inside my overburdened brain. She used to be my best-friend but why she ditched me or why he chose her over me and blah blah..There are results which at some time had a significant impact on me but at present they can’t affect me at all. I screwed my Engineering entrance exam and that too was 3 years ago. What they are doing in my list? And not to forget about the anxieties I have for the future which has not arrived yet. Things like these are littered in my list which I want to rub and make my brain fit and healthy again. Philosophically, I know they don’t matter now and I should continue my life with a fresh start. But is it that simple to let go?? Letting go is shutting your emotions no matter if they are criticizing or abominating or praising or desiring. As far as I am concerned and millions of people out there who fall in a very common category known as humans, the task is mammoth one. Is it possible that we attach our emotions with few things and for some we just turn over or there is only one way road-turning off humanity. Well if you are fan of Vampire diaries, I mean damon, how easy was that to just switch off your human button-no strings attached. Just don’t go for blood of others. Can we do that? I googled about the possibilities of becoming emotion less and the results were equivocal and depressing. There is a state called alexithymia in which pathways to emotions are blocked and the person becomes a robot like. It is found in 10% of the general population and the symptom is – lack of emotions, inability to form personal relationships, no social interest etc. Sounds way too self and goal oriented. Sometimes I wish to become emotionless and don’t care at all but wait- what about my little sister who fell asleep when I narrated a very imaginary story or my mother who is secretly wishing me to become very rich or my dog who is wagging tail in front me of at this very time. Can I leave them all by themselves to survive in this beautifully ugly world? They need me and so do I and that too be emotionally. I don’t want my wish to be fulfilled because I weighed pros and cons and then decided to have emotions and let them go sometimes. That’s for everyone’s best, I think. Signing off. Overjoyed!!Emotion, oops..