I’m like the sunrise you see

Look away 

And I’m


Here I am

Showing you, just you 

Who I truly am behind the scenes 

Exposing myself – naked and raw 

Just like the Phoenix


I rise from the ashes 


Nothing can stop me

From shining my light 

Not even the darkness

Good always wins the battle with evil

I’m calling you to me

Giving you every opportunity to see me

But you have to set your alarm

You have to drag yourself out of bed

Even better 

You jump 

Jump out of bed

And run to me as I reveal my true nature 

In full blossom

I’m there 

But I’m not yours

For the holding

Too late 

Everyone is around now 

Everyone can see me now 

Everyone wants me

Everyone can have me 

I know you are scared 

You cannot grasp


That you 

Cannot comprehend 

Too big 

Ironically, overshadowing 


That gets in its way 

The fire within 

Is not a fire to be messed with 

Is not a fire to be touched 

Unless you can merge with it 

Unless you too, are fire 

Air cannot even fan my flames

And unless you are a tsunami 

You cannot extinguish the burning desire

Earth is also simply a friend 

I need fire

Fire to merge with 

Fire to love with 

Fire to breathe with

So next time

You snooze on life 

Let it be known

That the sun will rise

It will still rise 

And you, you will still

Be who you are 

Neither is better 

But sometimes, we only want to be around 

Those who chase the sun