So you ask about my secret to a great morning and how I fuel myself.

I always rise early, it is a habit that stayed with me since my daughters were growing up and I needed to arrive at work on or before 9.

Fast forward many years and still to date, every morning I run out of bed. I really practically do. It is just like that, as soon as I open my eyes, around 6:30-7am, I know that I am done lying in bed. I get going, meaning my first stop after brushing my teeth and drinking some water, is either a few miles on the treadmill or a power walk for a few outside. This is what pumps me up, mentally and physically. I, like so many people, have my collection of aches and pains, and moans and groans,  and also at times a cluttered head is attached to me; but with exercise as a first activity, everyday for 40 years, it has saved me. I encourage everyone to get into some sort of regimen with the exercise department. No matter the weather, time of year, how late I may have gone to sleep the night before, or how little I usually sleep in general, when morning arrives I bounce out.

I also always believed in setting the example of a morning routine for my daughters was a good idea and an important lesson in life. I know so many of you out there are at that juggling stage, and that I recall very well. In fact I have a vivid moment ingrained in my memory bank. Many years ago, if I remember correctly, the mornings when I would make my bed before I flew out of the house for work, I used to stand there and look a the bed and actually speak to it and I would say-I really can’t wait to see you later!  So I totally compehend how you feel. Your day will come, but in the meantime, push yourself to get out and on with your show early. You will be impressed with how much you can accomplish with that sort of schedule. Ultimately, you too will be a morning person, and then you will be proud of the example you set for anyone who is near and dear to you.  Besides the productivity achievement.  Set the tone for the day, mornings will become a key part to your existence-you will look forward to getting out of bed. You will learn about the gift that mornings truly are. The rest of the day will, as they say, be a piece of cake, but seriously, don’t eat the cake, it will just slow you down. The fact is once you start yourself on this track, fueling yourself for life will happen naturally and will certainly be filled with more wise choices.