Few of the very important things I have ever wanted in life is to become a world-class programmer and a professor of Computer Science. But how I would get there is something I do not fully have planned. But that is okay because all that is important is not only to have dreams or hopes but most important is to start something.

A lot of us have what we hope to achieve and become but we are yet to start something. It does not matter where you want to be, you simply need to start. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. I use to look back at the time I wanted to start something and wish I started back then. I am sure I would not be where I am if I have not started a few things I wanted to do.

Well, I am not yet a world-class programmer but I have also developed from the developer I used to be 2 to 3 years ago. I do not know if I would one day be a world-class programmer but all I know is that I am not where I used to be. If I continue on this path, I would one day be better than I am and hopefully become the world-class programmer I have always wanted to become.

You might not want to be a world-class programmer. Whatever it is you want to become, all you need to do is to start something and be persistent with it. The secret is to start small. We usually underestimate what we can achieve in a year and overestimate what we can achieve in a day. One hour every day for the next 365 days is already 365 hours spent getting better. Imagine what that would have made you. Way better than the first hour I can assure you. All you need is to see the end goal and keep pushing.

A lot of us usually want to have it big. This sometimes makes us underestimate the little contributions we put in every day. Do not worry if you start small. All you need is to remain committed when you start. No one assured you it will be a free ride, but then no one said you cannot at least try. But then ask yourself the question, what else would I use my life for if I do not start now? Time would definitely still pass away no matter what I do. All I have is to simply make good use of the time that I have.

Take a few moments today to start something. Something you wish you started a long time ago and keep going every day. Start small and keep going.