It’s a bit risky to take time to self-reflect. At least I think so. I am a pusher, a driver. I’m always looking for the next best idea, next best thing, and next challenge.

While it has made me ‘successful’ in most people’s eyes, I also causes anxiety and stress for me. It’s the constant competitive drive that just won’t go away. The idea of just enjoying the ‘status quo’– YIKES!

I recently had some major life events. My baby boy was born in September. At that time, my daughter was just turning 2. So even though it was my second time coming back to work after maternity leave, it was a transition coming back never-the-less. We are now preparing for preschool, and my husband is dedicating a lot of time to this new streaming opportunity with Twitch. After all of this, and some changes at work, I began to feel very overwhelmed. Am I doing enough? Am I supposed to be doing something else with my life? What is my purpose? I have such high expectations of doing something significant with my life–what is it?!

After a lot of conversations with myself, it came upon me that it is best for ME to just BE right now.

I love this quotation from The BlissMind :
Self-reflection is all about creating self-awareness. So many of us focus on getting ahead that we don’t necessarily take time to reflect on what’s going on within us.

How true.

Here is the plan for the next 30 days: 1. No social media (Twitter, FB, Insta) 2. Daily meditation & prayer. 3. I’m making it a point to listen to entrepreneurial, spiritual and women-led podcasts every day. 4. Working out 5-days a week. 5. More quality time with my family

What do I expect to happen after these 30 days? I’m not quite sure. More positivity. More energy. More focus. Here’s hoping!

I’m letting the universe and God take charge. All I want to do is listen.