Just Write.

No excuses, no blaming it on the lack of focus, lack of mojo, lack of energy.

Really, the energy exerted outwardly is minor. Some typing. Some sitting up straight with having to adjust ourselves of course.

It’s that mind power though. Oh, I have writer’s block. The proposal needs to be reorganized. How do I possibly get out such a strong vision into a pasted email that can connect with it’s intentional recipient in such a small word count?

Oh how I wish this pursuit of mine was just a mere twenty years ago so I could send my book proposals snail mail. With creative handwriting, a classy substantial feeling stock of paper. With the perfect choice of inked pen engaging its reader along with my story.

There seems to be something missing for me in pressing send with the click of a mouse versus sending off my vision in a sample physical form. There’s no stamp, no conversing with the mail lady. Just click and off into the vortex of the web it goes.

I’m pretty sure truly aligning with the perfect literary agent is more complex than the dating world. But seeing as both being fully aligned are on the horizon for me, I’m just so close.

But that horizon, do we ever truly arrive at it?

I don’t know. But what I have found is that I just need to write. My passion, my path, my ignition is fully turned on when thoughts transcend to a blank paper.

Seth Godin is really good at this. He writes a blog every single day.  Short and sweet he grows his muscle through consistency and repetition.

This is the kind of growth we all need. Just get up each day and decide to just write.

Just paint. Just create. Just build. Just exercise. Just namaste all over your yoga mat.

You get the gist.

Consistency + Repetition = leveling up. Deciding to show up for yourself and your craft.

So here I am with you, just writing. Wondering what brought you to this page and all the joys and complexities that are around you presently.

I find so many joys living mindfully. I try to organize the complexities around my most intentional interactions. What matters to me most is love, connection, consciousness and bravery.

I’m enjoying the complexities of bringing in the right agent because it’s so meaningful to me. I don’t feel anything meaningful ever happened over night.

I thank this person in advance because I know they are on their way and will arrive in the complete perfect moment.

Until then, I will write. Adjust. Strengthen my muscles.

I encourage you to do the same. You’ve got this. And thank you for finding yourself with me in this moment on this page.