Justin Kimbrough is a serial entrepreneur and investor who’s helped dozens of individuals achieve their goals and aspirations.

In this article, we will learn how Justin wards of stress and lives a success-filled lifestyle.

Handling Anxiety

According to Justin, he has never had issues relating to anxiety. He explains the world we live in is a world where things play out perfectly when it is the appointed time. 

He further explains that feeling sad stems from overthinking incidents of the past and that feelings of anxiety are resultant effects of living too much in an uncertain future. He recommends that you shouldn’t worry about things beyond your control and let life play out by itself.

Success Nuggets for businesses and relationships. 

Faith, hustle, vision, belief, work ethic, self-discipline, and self-education are some nuggets for success according to Justin. Transparency in dealing with people is another crucial thing to practice in order to achieve success in business and maintain relationships. 

Justin goes on to say that most people will fail a lot in the pursuit of their dreams, but what matters the most is getting back up after each brush with failure. People will tell you that your dreams are unrealistic, they’ll ask you to face reality. All these people are harbingers of negativity and can make you doubt your aura of energy. 

Individuals need to be able to cut people like this off, be it parents, childhood best friends, etc. You need to be able to separate yourself from them and keep your energy strong and receive positive vibes only.

Justin also hints that sacrifices, a lot of sacrifices will be required in handling certain challenges. Sacrifices like skipping that fun hangout with friends, staying home to do extra work, not going out to the bar all because there are dreams to be followed through with and achieved by you. 

Relationships are also extremely important in business. The goal isn’t to have money, it’s to have people. Money is useless, people are powerful.

Justin’s favorite quote in regards to relationships is “Your net worth is your network.” You should never be sneaky and cut people out of deals for some extra money or equity etc.

Being a transparent and honest person in business will take you to another level. One way to shoot yourself in the foot is to mess with people’s lives and have no network to work with. Word gets around quickly and nobody will want to do business with you if nobody has anything good to say about you. 

Avoiding burnout. 

To avoid burnout, Justin suggests that you do something that you truly enjoy and something that truly excites you day in, day out (Your Passion). He states that the biggest take-home point as regards the question is maintaining balance; he didn’t acknowledge this fact in the early days in his entrepreneurship journey. 

“In the pursuit of dreams, a full-time grind is required, but if one’s vibration, energy, and frequency are off, it will lead to a set back in the achievement of one’s goals.”- Justin says.

He states that people need their spiritual, mental and physical health to be at peak performance. They need to remain happy when going through hardships and burnout periods in businesses. You need your energy and passion to be as high as it can be to be able to manifest what your goals and dreams are. Finally, to avoid burnout, he states that self-care is important as it helps maintains balance. He implores people to take time away from business to enjoy themselves, have fun and not forget to smell the roses. 

Looking Onward

Justin says that giving more than he expects to receive will be one of the ways he continues growing. Other ways include; doubling down on what works, staying in his lane and learning not to focus on too many things at once in order to attain mastery in his field and crush it. 

Justin also plans to expand his network, retain his clients and business partners by keeping them happy with transparency and good business. Lastly, he believes that being teachable, staying humble, listening to the right counsel from mentors and expanding your knowledge are also good practices that should be imbibed for continuous growth and success. 

Drawing Motivation

Justin is driven by a burning desire to make an impact in the lives of as many people as possible. This involves spreading positivity, love, kindness and inspiring financial growth and freedom. One never knows when a single act can cause a change in another person’s life. Justin believes that he has been gifted with a responsibility to share his knowledge and use his knowledge to change the lives of people. 

He goes on to explain that the fact that he has clients whose lives have been transformed by his good works gives him the drive to move forward. This life-changing impact shows that his formula works and all he must do is share and impact more people.