It begins with Badminton. When I reflect upon how badminton is disregarded both internationally and at schools around Indonesia, it bothers me because I find badminton to be one of the most exciting sports to play. I enjoy playing it regardless of whether I am playing it competitively or just for fun. While badminton is widely regarded as Indonesia’s main sport, about 90% of the students who attend my school know nothing about it. This is my inspiration for the Kaizen project.  

Creating Kaizen has been an intricate process. The first step was to identify the type of platform that I would use to express my concerns; I decided to make videos and present them on a website. The videos have been an essential part in kicking off this project. Without them, Kaizen would not have had such a strong base. This is because they currently provide most of the information presented on the website. The information consists of three videos focusing on different aspects of badminton. The first is an introduction video regarding the origin of badminton and how it has affected me on a personal level. This video touches on the basic rules of playing badminton, such as the difference between playing single and double as well as the scoring system. The second video touches on forehand and backhand strokes. Finally, the last video explains different types of serves. It also contains information on a few specific shots and how to execute them. Overall, the videos have been an indispensable backbone in the development of Kaizen.

After creating the videos, I brainstormed different ideas about how to present them. Although I was not familiar with designing a website, I decided that creating a website would be the most effective platform for expressing my vision to the public. While there are many ways to build a website, the most accessible option is WIX. Through WIX, I developed a website as a starting point for Kaizen, which will showcase the Kaizen project to the public. 

Given the current global health crisis, I feel that it is important to emphasize the natural healing abilities of body and mind rather than external medication. While Kaizen was born out of my passion for badminton, its vision has expanded quite a bit since then. In the future, I envision this website to expand its content to cover different types of sports and workouts too. While we have begun with badminton, we dream that one day Kaizen helps everyone stay healthy. We will continue to develop the Kaizen platform so that eventually, it is capable of implementing many different types of sports and exercises to fit the interests and requests of viewers not only in Indonesia but around the world. 

This website is just the beginning of Kaizen’s impact on the world. We understand and realize that many individuals may not have access to technology and the internet. A website is not the most optimal way for these people to benefit from this content. Therefore, our next step is to reach out to nearby organizations, NGOs & other health-related institutions to explore how we can help them stay fit. We will then be able to ensure that our mission benefits all beings and is not only limited to people with digital access. Along with this outreach step, we also want to keep adding more educational videos to our Youtube channel, and expanding our social media platforms to grow Kaizen into a global project – one small step at a time.