Kaizen (ky-zen’) means “continuous learning and growth”.

Research studies indicate that there is a direct correlation between how much a person reads and the level of success and happiness they achieve. Are you aware that the average American reads approximately one book each year?

How many books did you read this past year?

Most people make the excuse that they don’t have time. Their schedules are so busy that they just can’t make the time to read.

Life is all about the choices we make!

If you made the choice to get up fifteen minutes earlier, five days a week, and you read something educational, inspirational, motivational or spiritual; you would literally change your life. At the end of the year, you would have successfully read a dozen books. 

Imagine that!

You would be making a choice to make things happen in your life, rather than watch things happen. You would be in an elite group of people.

Find a mentor.

Kodak has a famous saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. I remember hearing this slogan one day with my dad. He turned to me and said, “Son, a wise man is worth a thousand pictures.” He was right!

In this era of technology, we have access to the greatest mentors and teachers of all time, both present and past.

If you are like most people, you have a twenty to thirty minute commute to your job every morning. Why not choose to utilize this time and listen to one of these remarkable mentors?

Imagine having mentors like Ray Dalio, Mel Robins, John Maxwell, and many others available to coach you. Wow, what an amazing way to start your day.

In addition to books and audio, make a commitment to attend at least one seminar every year, even if it is virtually.

Remember, a wise man or woman is worth a thousand pictures. Seek out and find mentors that will help you grow.


  • Make Kaizen your mantra.
  • Read or listen to a book for fifteen minutes every day.
  • Find a mentor, or two.
  • Attend seminars; get a friend to join you.
  • Share what you learn with others. When you teach, you become the student.
  • Take immediate action with the knowledge you have acquired.
  • Make learning fun and exciting.


  • Barry Gottlieb

    Author - Speaker - Success Mentor - Trusted Advisor

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