Writer, model, mother, and philanthropist, Kaki West Swid is the face of a multi-faceted career who uses her massive online presence to give top self-care tips for working moms just like her. Having graced the cover of over 25 renowned magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, FHM, Maxim, and Esquire since signing on with the Ford Modeling Agency at the age of 14, West Swid has built an epic career, proving in fact that there are no limits.

Recently, the stunning mother of boy/girl twins, wrote a screenplay called “The Bad Influencer,” for which she’s in talks with Netflix. The accomplished social media influencer also unapologetically shares her mommy advice, as well as her fashion, trendsetting, family, travel, and business experiences, influencing women worldwide.

“Motherhood absolutely changed me,” explains the model turned writer. “It made me better. It made me work harder because now I have these two beautiful children who look up to me. I wanted to prove to them that life is meant to be lived to the fullest and always to be true to yourself.”

With an honest and real perspective, she shares her views on motherhood, its challenges, and how she has achieved it all. As to top self-care tips for working moms, she believes that every woman is an “original work of art” and should keep their authentic selves to the core.

Admitting that becoming a mom has been a significant life change for her, she defines women who can “do it all,” creatures and continues to encourage them to take time off for themselves whenever they need.

“Creativity never stays in just one place. If you don’t grow, don’t try new things, don’t challenge yourself, then you’re just staying still,” explains the philanthropist who supports organizations, such as Wounded Warrior, the USO, and the Henry Street Settlement with her husband, Scott L. Swid.

Being active, productive, and creative is what has made Kaki so successful, and she encourages all working moms to have the same attitude because they deserve it all.