We celebrate “love” on Valentine’s Day but do we really understand it?

Is “romantic love” that “You complete me!” kind of relationship with another?

Are romantic and other loves related or separate things?

Is there a “Source” that fuels all love, no matter what kind?

In my years interviewing experts on the human condition on radio and in my travels to almost 100 countries around the world I have never met anyone who so completely lives their life in unconditional love . . . until I met Karen Lorre.

Karen speaks and acts and lives in a fundamentally different way. Her whole life is “disruptive” to our traditional models . . . and in a way that I believe can fundamentally transform relationships and allow them and the world to “thrive”.

And I am happy to share a bit of her and her story and profound teaching here.

Happy Valentines Day and may we all, this day and every day, focus in our personal lives, our business dealings and even in our politics in the kind of non-judgmental, unconditional love that all great sages have exulted us to do.