Every day, people around the world are brought together due to their love of sports. Most people see sports as an opportunity to shine – or a chance to get in a bit of healthy competition. 

Sports can and do, bring people together. Not just the athletes, but the people behind the scenes, the coaches, the announces, especially the fans. People love a good team to cheer for, and they cherish the moments shared with friends and family while watching.

Community Spirit

Regardless of the community size, when a team does well – the whole community celebrates. That applies to youth leagues and professionals, as people love to see those they know (even if only by six degrees of separation) do well.

Ask any sports fan their favorite moment, and the odds are more than good that it will be an iconic moment for their favorite team—that big score that won them the game or an incredible shot that can’t be repeated.

Shared Focus

Part of the reason people form such strong bonds when watching sports together is because, during that time, they all share the same focus. They’re all rooting for each other, putting all of their momentary hopes and dreams into the matter.

On a similar note, people love it when they can find something in common with one another. Have you ever found a person that loved the same book as you? It’s the same feeling when two fans for specific teams meet the first time.


One of the many reasons sports are so popular is that it encourages a strong sense of pride in people- pride in their community, fellow citizens, and country. That feeling can be euphoric to many, especially as their teams reach new heights and records.


That community spirit isn’t reserved solely for those that enjoy watching sports. Those that play get many of the same benefits – if not more. Their sense of community is vital, especially within team sports.

Likewise, athletes learn so much through their preferred sport. Naturally, they must learn the rules of the game, but it goes beyond that as well. They learn discipline, social skills, commitment, technique, and so much more along the way.

Article originally published on KarlMotey.co