We are all parts of a single system called nature.

Because we exist in a single system, our actions and even our thoughts influence each other, either positively or negatively.

By relating to others unfavorably we actually invite upon ourselves certain pressures from nature (COVID-19) that come to shake us up and show us that we are not in balance with the general law of homeostasis.

But when we relate to each other like in a family, where each one cares for the well-being of the other, then by this we can all be well off and receive everything we need in life.

It follows that the well-being of the individual is inherently linked to the well-being of those around him.

Nature’s law is unbending. It doesn’t take our feelings into consideration. It is a law and that law must always remain balanced. We would be wise to learn about this law as it directly impacts our day to day life.

The rest of the parts of nature (i.e. the still, vegetative, and animate degrees) already exists in balance with this single law of homeostasis. Only human beings must learn to live in balance with nature through our own education. This is the call of the times and what distinguishes us from previous generations. We are now entering a global educational process.

So let’s start by treating each other with kindness and consideration and life will be good. Even thinking of this is already a huge step in the right direction.