Running a business is demanding, especially while balancing a family. You have to be extremely strategic in your decisions, and protective of your time and energy to make sure you still show up for your children. 

The controversial topic around work-life balance while raising children is a topic many people have opinions on. While there’s no right or wrong answer, I’ve learned a lot over the past year and a half while raising my daughter and growing a million-dollar business. 

Because honestly, yes, becoming a mother changes you forever, and your purpose in life becomes something greater than just yourself. After the birth of my daughter in December of 2018, I knew my life was going to change drastically, but what I didn’t realize was how it would impact my productivity in my business in such a positive way! 

Here are some productivity tips from both a mother and an entrepreneur.

Be intentional with your energy and time

Intentionality is KEY when managing your time and energy, which you never feel like you have enough of. For example, you don’t need to show up to every free training, live event, or even say yes to every podcast interview or group training offer. Ask yourself, does this serve a bigger purpose for me, my audience, or my income, and does it contribute to the broader vision of my business? If yes, go for it, but if no, it’s okay to leave it off your calendar.

Batch your work

I try to focus on specific tasks for a blocked period of time and keep the tasks relevant to each other. For example, dedicate more technical days to work on your own business and nailing down sequences and systems for automation. With another day focused on client work, coaching calls, and teaching. And spend others leaning into your creative side and content planning. By batching your tasks, you’re able to stay in the same energy and mindset, and accomplish more by not multitasking. Although moms are great at multitasking, it’s not something we should intentionally do.

Create “normal” work hours

I say this with quotations because there’s no such thing as a true work-life “balance.” For me, and a lot of my other mom clients, it’s more like work-life integration. I plan to dedicate my “working hours” around the time I want to spend with my family. I’m with my daughter in the morning during breakfast, and I begin my work afterward. And then I try to wrap up by 3 pm when she’s waking up from her nap. I make sure I’m with her in the afternoon so we can still play outside together, eat dinner, take a bath, and personally, I love being able to put her to bed for the night!

Hire help!

Hire yesterday, whether it’s for your personal life or business. I outsource as many areas of my business as I can, so I can focus on what I do best, which is serving my clients and teaching. There’s a misconception that you shouldn’t have to ask for help, but from a fellow mom, I promise that it’s not your job to do it all. You should outsource, and it 100% will make it easier to maintain flow in both work and family life!

This is a guest article written by Online Sales Coach and Entrepreneur, Karrie Brady. You can connect and follow Karrie on Instagram for more free resources and motherhood inspiration!