You are dentist who plan to do repair yourself  kavo handpiece turbines, contra angles or engineer who is  doing professional repair service of hanpdieces and need quality handpiece parts but don’t know reliable place or reliable online store where to purchase parts here is our suggestion for you!

Kavo turbines /KaVo Rotors is  online store where you can find kavo dental parts similar to original parts but twice or even more cheaper. You can find parts like: turbines for Kavo for very wide range with prices starting 87 euro( turbines in other words also are named rotor for kavo)

KaVo Repair tools

There are also wide diversity tools for repair similar to original kavo handpieces but which only dealers or technicians / engineers only order from KaVo dealers which make almost impossible to repair by yourself because this tools are very precise an you cannot adjust some kind of tools to open back caps (also name push button)  or tools necessary to repair Kavo Straight Handpieces or Kavo Contra Angles handpieces.

Prices for KaVo Dental Parts

The prices are much lower in comparison with original ones but have same quality and sometimes more functionalities than original one.

Lets take example for this key which is selling and  have functionality as two in one key and original kavo price for oe is 40 euro + VAT and key we provide has 2 in 1 functionality and cost just 35 euro + VAT (applied only for European Union customers according EU legislation) You see that the price is less and you get twice less price which is a big advantage.

All Turbines and Head gears, all rotating spare parts supplied by our company come with German Ceramic for Turbines and Steel Bearings made by MYONIC or GRW factory which also supply for KaVo.

MYONIC is main factory which supply ball bearings for KaVo and already well know for quality.
Our rotors also are assembled with MYONIC ceramic ball bearings which onfirm the same quality as original KaVo rotors. Even if our chucks and impellers are not original but have highest quality on the market and our permanent customers understood that non original parts can serve as much as original ones but for less price.

Parts for Kavo Turbines and Contra Angles

If you intend to repair by yourself of supply repairs for you customers as a professional you can order from European supplier of Handpice parts with highest quality on dental market from one stop dental handpiece parts online store

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