Work in Progress

Perfectly spherical. Precisely wound. This describes the yarn balls that my husband and I create as a human swift. He is the winder, relaxed and sure. I am the yarn holder, trying to keep up. Occasionally I think about buying a yarn winder, but I would miss our rhythmic joint effort.

The shelter-in-place order stopped our busy lives in their tracks. My husband’s business was deemed non-essential. I was confined to working from home.

For three years prior, my yarn stash lay dormant, sheltered in its place. Now it was time to set it free.

Every day, I knit. There is so much that calms my senses as I knit. I hear my needles sing on each row. The soft yarn caresses my hands. The plump stitches glow with color. Following a pattern brings focus and order amidst the chaos and uncertainty of a pandemic. Beauty emerges, stitch by stitch.

In this uncertain season, I find calm, knowing that there is beauty, and I can create it.