Today is a great day to practice shifting the focus from all the heaviness of late.

I am reminded of one of my favorite parenting memories.  When my kids were little, as I tucked them in at night after reading a book, I would ask them: “What was the best part of your day?” It was an intuitive question.

I did not know then what I have since learned decades later as a coach trained in neuroscience: The most critical times of the day for focusing on empowering thoughts and beliefs are the first five minutes upon waking and the five minutes before going to sleep at night. And if you are agitated, you would fare better if you got up out of bed and walked around rather than trying to force yourself to sleep, according to the late Dr. Wayne Dwyer.

Think of it this way in terms of computers: You are downloading your thoughts (the software) that will circulate throughout your mind (the hardware) while sleeping. YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR THOUGHTS. Thoughts of gratitude are known to shift mindsets. Everyone can find three to five things for which they are grateful.

Most importantly, get unplugged. I admit a couple of weeks ago I initially spent too many hours watching the news before choosing instead to use that time to be creative or to get quiet, meditate or pray.

Yesterday I made another commitment to elevate my mindset to a greater state of well-being.  I chose first thing in the morning to keep dreaming about my ideal life and bringing forth my new platform around worthiness. I have a big mission, which I consider my legacy, around this dream. There are a lot of pieces now in the works behind-the-scenes that I will soon be sharing.

So, instead of watching the news or rushing to social media, or even meditating first thing in the morning, I did something totally different. I took my vision boards of the past four years and displayed them all around my bedroom. Upon waking, I now see my dreams, many of which have come true or are in development.

Rather than feel constricted by all the news of late, I switched my focus.  My most recent board features the above photo of open doors, pasted in the center, to help keep my mind expanded into unlimited possibilities.

If you would like to learn more about visualizing your dreams, email me at [email protected], and I will send you a free handout that outlines tips for manifesting anew.

Your dreams matter–now more than ever. We each have a unique gift to offer the world. Know you are worthy of finding and delivering it.

With love and blessings,


P.S.–And if you want to do something proactive during this time to support those on the front lines who do not have the luxury of focusing on their dreams right now, click on this link.

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