Today was a weird Friday. As any Friday I wore a happy outfit to built the correct energy to start my day, but this basic trick to improve my mood didn’t work.

My problem is a lack of inspiration to choose the best shot to “Keep going”. I believe that having an enthusiasm to learn is the best way to improve, learning is the tool that solve all the problems in the world. As I truly believe, in order to solve my main problem that I faced today: How can I learn to find something inspiring for myself?

I remember that when everything is confusing, you need to do the basics:

1) Balance mind and body: eat healthy, exercise, focus on your breathe, sleep well.

2) Treat yourself: do a special session of yoga, bake a cake, call your mother, have a romantic date with your partner.

3) Look back: remember where did you started and how far you already go, the road had been long but every experience have make you the way you are.

4) Focus on your best shot: always you have to choose the best option available.

5) Keep going: smile, do your best effort, and work and dream, dream and work.

After that, I found my inspiration: it is my own journey.