There is a particular kind of energy in Not Dillon’s 2018 song ‘Back to the Start.’ It is a solid electronic dance song at home in any club worth its salt. The beats thump, the keys soar, Laura Page’s vocals are seductive yet heartfelt.

But despite the song’s theme, there is a keen sense of transcendence in the music of moving onward and upward. Maybe that’s because Not Dillon’s entire philosophy in life is one of always moving forward. It’s an outlook that has served him well, and he believes it will help others well too.

Born Dillon Shamoun in Detroit, Michigan, to a family of Chaldean origin, Not Dillon was not always sure that music was going to be his path in life. It was after attending several festivals, meeting other performers who he could collaborate with, and giving DJ-ing a shot whenever given the opportunity, for he realized that music was what he was meant to do.

In other words, Dillon was open to any experience. “My outlook is that life is happening for us, not to us,” he says. “If something unexpected comes into your life, it’s easy to get frustrated or see it as an obstacle. It’s not meant to upset or discourage you, though. It’s there to keep you moving forward.”

That philosophy has paid off. Success in the music world has come quickly to him. He has worked as a producer, a DJ, and even manages other artists. His songs have garnered over a million streams and have been featured on playlists curated by Spotify and SoundCloud.

“You need to take chances,” says Dillon. “Don’t dismiss something that might be an opportunity. It might not be easy to see it in the beginning, but the final result is always better than how you started.”


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