Do you ever feel like you have garbage accumulating in your mind, piling up from discussions that you should be having, but you’re not? Discussions where you set boundaries, speak your mind and say what you have to say in a loving but firm manner? But instead, you continuously have superficial talks, ones that barely break the surface of what you truly want to say? It feels like nonsense discussions that mean nothing and stay in your mind for recycling over and over and over. 

In order to keep taking the garbage out, keep emptying the garbage from our minds, we have to have real discussions, real talk. 

Now here’s the thing: We don’t always agree with others and we have entirely different perspectives, entirely different views on life based on our upbringing, our experiences, our conditioning as children. So those discussions are sometimes difficult to have, as well as resolve. 

But in order to grow, to learn, to heal, to empty the garbage from our minds, we must be willing to listen. To hear the other person. To allow them to talk and vocalize their opinions without judgement.

That can difficult as we have not been trained at an early age to truly listen. To listen with our whole hearts, our whole minds, our whole bodies. We have not been trained to listen to understand. We have been trained to listen to reply.

If we really want to hear another person, we must put down our armor, put down our guns, put down our knives, put down our weapons and LISTEN.

The question then becomes: How do we truly listen?

We look into the other person’s eyes. Look into their soul. Look into their heart. Look into the mirror that is reflecting back to you. See the reflection of you in them. Look into their pain. Look into their sorrow. Look into their fear. 

We listen by looking. We feel heard by being seen. 

And when you get down to it, when we can truly hear another person, we realize this: We all have different perspectives because we all have different life experiences. However, at our core, we are all connected because we all have the same three fears:

1. I am not enough

2. I am different 

3. I want something and I can’t have it

When we can connect with others and not only listen but share our fears; when we can feel safe doing so, without judgement or assumptions, we can have those real talks, those discussions where we can move into the next version of ourselves with confidence and dignity. We all have these three fears, at one time or another in life. We can choose to help each other on our paths and relate to each other as soul sisters and brothers, or we can continue to have meaningless discussions over and over again. We can accumulate the garbage in our minds or we can do something about it. 

It’s your choice. But for me, I’m taking the garbage out 🙂


  • Camille Sacco


    Camille Sacco is a Product Support Specialist for Chase Card Services, as well as a Certified Meditation Instructor, Mindfulness Advocate and Author of two Self Help books: "Hippiebanker: Bringing Peace, Love and Spirituality to the Workplace" and “Firefly Culture: Illuminate Your Workplace by Tuning in to Mindfulness." She leads fun and informative mindful and spiritual meditation classes, as well as crystal bowl sound baths in Central Florida. Her goal is to help people tap into the wisdom of their soul by cultivating daily practices that will inspire confidence in the pursuit of living their lives with a higher purpose. Visit Camille on her website here: