Keishorne Scott

Keishorne Scott, a writer, and a coach has been blessed with the ability to share his journey of transformation with thousands of people all over the world. Scott recognized the role his path to growth and healing could play in inspiring many individuals around the globe and through his writing, coaching, and social media platforms, he has been able to share his story – positively impacting the lives of many. In this article, Scott tells us how he has been able to come this far.

Getting past roadblocks

In the pursuit of success, it is common for obstacles to arise, it is the way these obstacles are dealt with that matter in the long run. 

Keishorne Scott has encountered his obstacles and they have molded him into the man that he has now become. The major turning point in his journey to success came ten years ago after his fiance ended their relationship. 

This split, although painful, made him see that he was not where he wanted to be and with this realization, Scott pushed himself. He forced himself at the times that his body wouldn’t agree. These seemingly small actions allowed him to see that there was no way to help people that had and would go through what he had gone through. At that moment, for that very reason, Scott sat down to write.

Dealing with stress

It is undeniably easy to get caught up in projects and achieving set goals making one prone to getting burnt out.

Although admitting that the excitement of starting a new project often keeps him up at night, Scott understands the importance of maintaining balance in every aspect of his life. Immediately he notes the familiar pattern of getting excited and losing himself in his work, Scott takes a step back and instead spends quality time with his daughter and his wife. When he experiences a writer’s block, he takes time off his work and goes for a run to clear his head. 

These healthy practices help him to remain healthy, keeping him laser-focused on the bigger picture.

Life Principles

Every relationship in life is set to teach us something and we have to learn that lesson and move forward. Scott believes that not all relationships are meant to last forever, some are just to teach us the kind of love we want and deserve. In his words, an expired relationship should not hold you back from becoming who you are to become. 

Keep moving forward.

Every relationship you have in your life has a lesson for you. It is up to you to embrace those lessons and become the best version of yourself.

For people struggling during this pandemic

Acknowledging the impact COVID-19 pandemic has had on the lives of many, Scott advises that no one should or allow anyone to invalidate whatever they must be feeling during these times. For anyone that has been affected by the current state of things, your pain deserves to be felt and you should not allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

Focus on your feelings during these times and allow yourself to feel what you must feel. Once you can do this, you automatically permit yourself to experience healing and forgiveness. Scott says you should take the next step forward through that pain and start to forgive yourself.