I learned about the Thrive app during a leadership presentation and thought: “I could really do better at working on myself.” I have four children and I tend to put all of my time and energy into my family and my work. I generally don’t focus too much on myself, and sometimes that negatively affects the things that I am trying my hardest to positively impact.

The first Microstep I committed to was drinking a glass of water when I woke up. I figured I would start small, and I’m glad I did, because I started to feel better and more energized right away. Another Microstep I committed to was to immediately do things that take less than two minutes, as opposed to saving them for later. This was surprisingly helpful in decompressing all of the little things I had on my mind, those things I knew I needed to complete but kept pushing off. Ultimately, these little Microsteps are helping me prioritize my own well-being, which has a positive impact on not only myself, but on those around me, too.


  • Kelly Manganaro

    Senior Manager, Operations

    Northwell Health

    I began my journey in the ER at Staten Island University Hospital 9 years ago as a Coordinator working at both the North and South campuses.  I spent almost 7 years there, finishing my time there as the Assistant Manager of Ancillary Services. I moved into my next role as an EVS Manager and recently accepted the role of Senior Manager, which leaves me responsible for overseeing the cleanliness of the hospital as well as driving the day-to-day operations.  I moved to Old Bridge, NJ a few years ago with my husband Louis and our 4 children.  I have a bachelor's degree in SLS (Science, Letters & Society) and was recently accepted into a program where I plan to obtain my MBA in Healthcare.