I first heard about the Thrive Challenge from a lady at work, Valerie Walker. She showed me the app and how to use it. She showed me that every time I make a Better Choice, I can track it in the app. I started from there. Shortly after, I found out I was pregnant. After having my baby, I had postpartum depression. Even with what I was going through, Valerie encouraged me to keep up with my Better Choices — and I’m so glad I stuck with them. Valerie has been my biggest supporter. 

“I’ve gotten my kids to be more active.”

Now, I’ve been doing the Challenge for well over a year and have been focused on staying mentally and physically fit. I walk daily, sometimes even twice a day. On a scale of one to 10, my energy used to be two to three. Now it’s up to nine and a half! With my energy up, I’m able to do more at work and after work. I’ve gotten my kids to be more active — my little baby is walking now and she sees us being active, too! As a family, we’re spending more time exercising rather than playing games — though we do enjoy a good family game night every week, playing Monopoly or Family Feud. We’re doing more things like going bowling and roller skating. We’ve made a habit of racing up the stairs to our apartment and walking for at least an hour and a half each evening. My oldest son, who is 13, used to have bad asthma. Now that he’s become more active, his asthma is under control. He’s off his medication — he still has an emergency inhaler if need be — and wants to play football! As far as my progress, I have lost around 75 to 80 pounds. It feels great — I am smiling from ear to ear now. 

“I’ve cut down on fast food.”

As a family, we’re focused on making healthy food choices and eating more veggies. I’ve cut down on fast food and started cooking at home, making changes like baking instead of frying our chicken. Before I started my Thrive Challenge, I would drink around five 20-ounce Cokes a day. Now, I do not drink any Coke. My children have picked up on my healthy food habits. Now, they trade in junk food for fresh fruit. It feels good to see the kids wanting to follow in my footsteps. Spinach dip has become my go-to, and I’m eating more carrots, sweet peas, and spinach. My favorite snack is called ants on a log, which is just celery with peanut butter and raisins. I try to drink at least one gallon of water each day, too. 

“I’m happier about life itself.”

Now that we haven’t been eating out or purchasing junk food, we have an extra $600-$700 a month. I’m really proud of that. I’m also sleeping better! My brother-in-law started his own Thrive Challenge and he’s down 65 pounds. We push one another and keep each other on the right track. We call each other weekly and motivate each other. Before the Challenge,  I had low self-esteem, and had thoughts that I was not good enough. Taking on the Challenge has made me look at myself in a completely new way. Now, I’m happier about life itself and I know I have so much to offer! 

Kendra Johnson, Supercenter #3008; Atlanta, GA; $3K Winner

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