Kevin Pietersen

As the world continues to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen has come out with some advices for people in order to keep themselves mentally fit and healthy.

In a tweet, Pietersen on Friday listed out three things tried by himself in order to stay mentally fit during these trying times brought in by the outbreak of novel coronavirus.

“Lots of mental health chat! Try these, if you can: 1. Exercise tough for one hour a day. 2. Turn off all news feeds on social media and anyone spreading negativity. You don’t need to see it. 3. Turn your mobile off at 7pm till you get up,” Pietersen said on his official Twitter handle. It’s worked for me,” the former England batsman said in a tweet.

The standard of county cricket is rubbish

In his recent blog article with Betway, Pietersen has boldly stated the disinterest of media and people globally in the series between England and India. He quoted, “To see the Test series among England and India sneaking by the radar in England, as far as the media and web-based media discussion. I’m an idealist. Probably the best accomplishment of my vocation was arriving at 100 Test match covers. The strict hard work that goes into a Test vocation makes the most extended configuration the best.”

He quoted his concerns by mentioning, “It presently feels like interest in the arrangement, in front of a series between two monsters of the game, is waning, and it’s truly stressful. I comprehend the business structure around the more limited types of the game. I’m thrilled to be chipping away at The Hundred, and I’m entirely getting a charge out of it.”

When asked for the solution, Pietersen mentioned that this week, he has been suggesting on social media that crickets for four days should be licenced in England, both in terms of performance and popularity. Every week, with 8 to 10 matches per club each season, the best of the best would compete with each other.

He added the remainder, which is not meant to play premium cricket, might move to smaller counties to develop their game. They strive diligently enough and have the skill to break into a first-class organisation if they are ambitious enough. From his times, he mentioned, “I’m not going to settle down for mediocrity. As a player, I never did, and I’m not going to. In our country, there are too many premium cricketers — much too many.”

Pietersen’s view focuses on them creating opening batters that come in and clean up international cricket, but they can’t. Why? “Because the county cricket standard is wasteful. A few years back, I hit 350 against Leicestershire, and honestly, I faced better bowling in the club. This is the truth. I think that the England team does not capture anybody’s fancy, which is part of the apathy in this series.”

England currently has no top three to compare with Strauss, Cook and Trott. They have no spinner.

When the best match against each other develops strength and complexity, the most refined players should also be encouraged to interact with English domestic cricket. As an International Player, why would you spend hundreds of thousands at an open fire franchise competition driving up and down the nation on little money playing cricket for four days in the cold?

Pieterson fiercely stated that “The format has to be re-enjoyed by creating a contest elite in which everyone wants to take part. In general, when Pieterson initiated this idea, he was supportive. I had one answer in county cricket on internet streaming numbers, although streaming numbers are not interesting. I am interested in increasing cricket quality and profile, and not enough people are interested now.”

Targeting the ones sticking to the old methodologies, he stated, “ Some will always reject progressive thought and new methods to enhance the game, and some individuals just want to argue with anything I say! That’s good, this is your problem, but the problem we all need to consider is how to rekindle our interests in cricket testing.”

Further in the interview, when Pieterson was asked about his views about the withdrawal of ben strokes, he took his side, mentioning that, “I do agree with ben strokes as the players are just being pushed to do much more. Therefore Ben Stokes withdrew from this test series. Some of the men in the team – Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Jos Buttler etc. – have just played the century and are now turning to a test series. There’s a lot more cricket, and that is just for the audience, let alone all the players than it used to be. Players’ schedules will continue, and I think this must be supported, else we will see more players dropping out the way Stokes has chosen.”