Do you lack confidence in yourself as a business owner?

We’ve all seen those courageous and confident entrepreneurs who unapologetically share their message with ownership and passion.

Their brands are attractive, memorable, and always have buzz around them. Because of that, they’re consistently seen and heard. 

How did they get to that point?

After working with hundreds of women entrepreneurs, I understand that brands of this magnitude aren’t made overnight. They take courage, grit and a fearless nature.

Successful business owners kick these 3 attitudes to the curb to gain brand confidence.

  1. Imposter Syndrome — If you feel unworthy, or that you don’t have enough experience or credentials to really make it in your industry, you may be suffering from imposter syndrome. Everyone doubts themselves and their skillset from time to time, but you can’t get stuck and paralyzed by the fear that you won’t measure up. 
  2. Brand Schizo — If you find yourself constantly changing your message, your ideal client, your colors, and elements of your website every few months, I hate to break it to you, but you aren’t standing on solid brand ground — you’re all over the place. Your audience likely has no idea what you really do and what you stand for. To be completely honest, this type of flip flopping makes customers uneasy, and they end up feeling like they can’t trust you.  
  3. Comparison-itis — Are you always looking at everyone else in the biz, obsessing over the competition? You may feel frozen and afraid to carve out your own space because you lack confidence in your ability to complete. When you feel this way, it’s tempting to start copying others instead of forging your own path. 

All business owners have struggled with these afflictions at one time or another. The key to moving on and growing past these unhealthy thoughts is to change your mindset. When you let these limiting beliefs go for good, you can start digging deep to reveal your authentic brand story. 

Knowing and owning your brand story is how you show up to the table with CONFIDENCE. That confidence gets noticed, you’ll begin to attract your dreamy clients. You open the doors to opportunities and growth.

Put yourself out there. Keep evolving until you find your groove. Don’t just sit and wait for the brand magic to happen, go get it! Your business will thank you.