What if I told you that your child spends on an average 9 hours per day on Smartphone? Well, such issue is surely an increasing one and online dangers are still on the verge of expansion. When asked from the parents about the growing issues of online dangers, they had certain things to say. However, most of them said adult content and in-app purchases. But, the Internet is vaster than that and there are divergent online dangers which can occur at any cost.

Online danger decreases the children’s safety

As a parent who is much more responsible, you will always want your child to stay miles away from any online danger. If you visualise the offline basis, you can certainly close doors and will never let any abuser come in, Right? But such is not the case with the online version. Every single amount of time when your child will visit the social media, sweet danger awaits them. Also, your child can fall into the trap of a sweet stranger and there are higher chances to hit an online predator.

According to a series of reports, there are more than 750,000 child predators only in the USA. To be honest, such numbers are really scary and there has to be a one-stop solution to this issue. Apart from such issue, there are tons of issues such as sex chatting, cyber bullying, suicidal groups and even violent online games.

Want the actual solution to the growing set of issues? Kidgy is a kind of app which can be an absolute boon for you. Yes, this app has got every other functionality which does help in the prevention of online dangers. Sounds cool, right? Yes, it is.
Let us go ahead and unfold the possible reasons how Kidgy Parental control mobile app eliminates online dangers.

How Kidgy Help in the prevention of Online Dangers?

In a world full of online danger, parent’s role becomes of much more importance. As a parent, you should use a parental control mobile app that made parenting easier by monitor every activity of your child. Hence, Kidgy is inevitably savoir software which does the same with an absolute level of perfection. This application is specifically designed for parents in checking their children’s activity on a remote basis.
Let us go through the divergent features of Kidgy at a glance:

Managing of Online Activity

In the modern age world, keeping a track of children’s internet activity should be the first ever priority. Thus with Kidgy, you can keep a track of your children’s online activity. Regardless of the reputation of any site, this app can block any adult site or even those gambling sites with much ease.

Management of App Usage

Viewing app on another person’s phone can be a tricky task, Right? Thanks to Kidgy app which enables such feature for parents. With this app, you can view and even block the invalid applications from your children’s phone. What’s more exciting here is that you can do the whole process remotely. In addition, at bed and schooling time, you can block such violence applications. Thus, doing such things will promote a better productivity of your children’s overall working capability.

Tracking the GPS Location

In the USA, nearly 800,000 children’s disappear every year which is really astonishing. With Kidgy, children’s live location can be made visible to the parents. Hence, you don’t need to call your children every now and then. All that you can do is to enable GPS location tracker which will provide you real-time location of your child.

View Calls Logs & Messages

If the communication with an online friend shifts from an online basis to an offline one, it is time to monitor the call logs and messages. Besides viewing, you can also find that particular person in the phone book, sounds magnificent, Right. Moving further, you can block that particular number to protect your lovable child from unhealthy relationships.

Make your Kids use the Panic Button

This elegant feature is specially designed for children’s self-service. In case your child is in any sort of trouble, all they need to do is to click on that button. After such event, you as a parent will be immediately notified about your children’s place with a real-time timestamp.
Further, the Kidgy Developers have several add-ons one of which is the Daily Schedule Planner. With such planner, parents can set tasks remotely and can follow their children’s activity in real time.

Final Wrap Up
This Internet world is not as soothing and productive as it may seem. As a parent of the 21st century, it’s time to take up the responsibility for your children on your shoulders. For that, using Kidgy as your parental control app can be the best ever thing you can do in your life. Such an app is a boon to the parents and using it, well, will be much productive and useful altogether.