Kierra Pershall

This generation’s concept of beauty is constantly reshaping itself. The idea of beauty is no longer just confined within the parameters of what the fashion world and various brands dictate as communities move toward a more inclusive and profound way of perceiving things. Beauty expert Kierra Pershall believes that there is nothing more beautiful than being able to enhance the natural qualities that women already possess. Being able to use this as her personal advocacy is something she considers quite a privilege as she empowers her clients to become the best version of themselves.

Kierra is the founder of Wavy Baby Brows, where she is a hands-on eyebrow specialist using what is called the Ombre Powder Brow. Her main thrust is to create natural-looking eyebrows that will reveal the natural youthful features of every client. Studying her clients’ overall facial features is of utmost importance before beginning each session. She makes the necessary adjustments based on what would bring out their best features. Quite often, Kierra does not need to go too far as she simply needs to highlight what is already present to give her clients a little boost of self-confidence. 

Beauty research studies have shown that women with more pronounced eyebrows are perceived to be more younger-looking compared to those with thinning ones. The same is true with other parts of the face. It is for this reason that Kierra chose to focus on the eyebrows, as they have been proven to improve a woman’s overall look dramatically once properly outlined. 

With the use of the Ombre Powder Brow technique, which applies the pigment on the epidermis layer of the skin only, Kierra is able to achieve a powdery-like finish with a faded front and a crispy tail, much like the ones seen after makeup is applied. This look, while it maintains a sense of naturalness, also gives women the feel of a salon finish. Kierra has proven this technique to be effective in making her clients feel good about themselves once again, feel more self-confident, and be ready to take on bigger challenges in life. 

On the more practical side of things, Kierra could not be any happier than a well-done set of eyebrows that helps women save a lot of time when it comes to applying their makeup. Her technique is something she highly recommends for working women who have their hands full with running a household and building a career. For her, any woman can take on the world’s many challenges with a gorgeous set of eyebrows.

As an entrepreneur, Kierra is committed to excellence and effective customer care. She believes in the value of building lasting professional relationships with her clients as one of the effective ways to bring her company to the next level. Keeping a high set of standards in her line of expertise is also vital, and it is for these reasons that she always upholds high-quality services. In the long run, she hopes to be able to establish her own physical salon, a place where women can come to experience something new without fear of being judged or rejected. 

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