I work as the CIO in a busy IT firm and at the end of every year, I always feel bugged down by work and were it not for the vacations that I take, probably I would be holed up in a hospital suffering from all kinds of mental frustrations and burn out. Stress comes from demanding clients, staff who are at times uncooperative, economic recession and all kinds of turbulent environments that one could face in the IT world.

After all hard work and exhaustion sometime it’s good to take time and recover the lost energy as well as replenish mind and soul. To achieve this, taking a vacation will be one of the most important steps. For you to have a perfect stress free vacation consider below tips that will assist you.

1. Plan in advance

Ensure that you have make advance work out for all that is expected of you. This will restrict any upcoming duty that is expected of you during your vacation period.

2. Travel with Your Kids While Keeping Everyone Happy

Travelling with your family if you have any will help to eliminate any family issue that may come up when you are away on vacation. This will also assist you to enjoy together as a family and remove any unhappy scenarios that may come when you leave one of your family members behind.Bother yourself for well-being of you kid bay ensuring they have all they my require in your vacation.If you have young kid don’t forget to carry the digital thermometer to keep your young one away from fever.  

3 .Head to an Underrated Vacation Destination.

Most folk’s thing of going to vacation in well rated and common places. You planning to go to a new underrated vacation destination will help you discover new environment and mostly a variety of vacation places where you can choose in future to visit. For example there was this December that I went to a little known island in Zanzibar Archipelago with my wife and it still remains etched in our memories.

The ocean breeze blew softly into our ears exciting us so much. The foods were delicious and the experience by the ocean was exhilarating. It was exciting swimming in the shallow ends of the sea, collecting shells that we would decorate our house with, using the best fish finder for kayak to get as many fish as our little kayak could carry and eating the delicious Zanzibar cuisine at the end of the day

4. Vacation gears

Before leaving your house to vacation destination, ensure you have all the required vacationing gear you need. This will help you cover all the events you need to do while in your vacation thus giving you the best enjoyment you ever wanted. While we were at the trip at Zanzibar, I had with me a handheld ham radio that I have always carried with me whenever I go because I like keeping myself informed on what is happening as well as listening to thrilling cool music.

5. Work on Vacation (Without Going Crazy)

Sometime it’s difficult for you to leave all work that is required of you while going to vacation. This should not ruin your vacation .What you need to do is plan when to do that work and when to have vocational event. Don’t be overwhelmed with work and if that’s the case, try setting aside small blocks of time that you will use to catch up on and save the rest of the time for enjoying your vacation.  

6.Medical check-up

Before leaving your home for vacation, it advisable you consider taking medical check-up. This will help you have peace of mind that you are healthy and safe to cop with any environment that you will be vacating on.You can choose to see your medical doctor or consider doing simple medical test at comfort you of your  home such as urinalysis test using urinalysis test strips kit to detect any urinary tract infection.  


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