Kindness. Being kind. What does this mean?  Well, kindness is about being friendly, considerate of thoughts and feelings of others and generous.  Kindness is a high vibration emotion. If someone does something kind for you, how does it make you feel? Warm and fluffy!  When you do something kind for others it allows you to fulfil one of the 6 basic human needs; contribution.  We can choose to contribute with our careers, within our family unit or by choosing to volunteer for a charity. It is important for us all to recognise that contributing creates fulfilment.

Whilst I am talking about human needs lets talk about connection. Connection/love is something that we can’t live without.  Kindness also taps into this need and allows us to feel a sense of connection to the person that we are giving kindness to or the person that we are receiving kindness from.  Also, if we are part of a group that is generating kindness then we are both connected and contributing and it feels all kinds of wonderful. 

When we are kind to others with random acts or others means it really helps us to put our own troubles into perspective.  I’ll give you an example here; this month I am running 100 miles to raise money for Refuge, a charity which supports women and children who are victims of domestic abuse.  Whilst I love doing things for a good cause (contribution for me is my highest value and I am connected to hundreds of other women around the UK who are all doing the same thing in February) it is also making me feel very grateful that I don’t have to live in an abusive environment.  It’s making me feel compassion for all those women who we are helping, it is allowing me to put my own worries into perspective, because in comparison my worries seem so insignificant. This is another benefit of being kind to others.  Perspective is everything!

Now let’s spend a moment to talk about Karma. What goes around comes around, right?  Not that we do kind things for others because we want anything in return but eventually, by some means, you will reap what you sow.  When we are kind to others we will receive kindness back in some other form and vice versa.  When we are mean and cruel that will also come back to you.  So the objective here is to simply be mindful! Be mindful of your thoughts, actions and words – always!

This week I would suggest you start your day with this question;

‘How can I be more kind today?’  

You will get your answers from your higher self, the universe or whatever you believe in.  I promise you will always find the answers to the questions that you ask.  Now that kindness ALWAYS starts with yourself.  You have to be kinder to yourself.  I encourage every single one of my clients to be kinder to themselves every single day, when they start to implement methods of self-kindness, it impacts their mental and emotional wellbeing beyond all expectations!

Another powerful question to leave you with;

‘How can I be kinder to myself today?’

Love & light,