Kindness has always woven it’s tender powerful energy into my life. It’s as if each person whispers in my ear through their act of kindness, “I care, you matter”. For me, an act of kindness softens me, get’s me of my head and into my heart to motivate me to pay it forward.

During the Pandemic, my friends and neighbors have showered me with acts of kindness. Their kind gestures range from cookies, hilarious jokes, colorful balloons decorating my porch to a hand painted birthday card along with what I fondly call a”kindness bag” filled with delicious meals. Another time, a childhood friend brought me a box of Lavender products from the Weavers Studio. Initially, I thought when she handed me the box she wanted me to hold it for her. I stood in shock as I realized the gift was for me. Each kind act surprised me. Whenever I received an unexpected “kindness bag” on my doorstep or an act of kindness, I cried as my heart melted. I felt loved as knew I wasn’t alone during this dark time.

Kindness Reflection

Kindness reflects my friend’s goodness. The reflection of their kindness has looked like a beautiful rainbow splashed over the bright blue sky after the rain. Every bright rainbow color represented a friend’s kind gesture. A reminder that collectively we are diverse yet the same, we all need to feel loved, seen and cared for. Each act of kindness from my colorful rainbow of friends, reminded me how a simple gesture, call or text is a magical powerful way to touch my heart while carrying me through the Pandemic.

Rain Kindness

Each act of kindness I received was a spring board motivating me to give back. I baked cookies for neighbors, called friends, sent eCards, extended invites to hike, the list goes on. Each act of kindness boosted my emotional well being. My favorite random act of kindness has been to drop gifts on people’s doorsteps. So fun to remind people feel someone cares about them.

It’s time to rain kindness on everyone everywhere.  One act of kindness can create a domino effect and improve the day of dozens of people. When we give to others, we remind those who are recipients of our acts of kindness, we are all connected. Kindness reminds us all that we matter and are not alone. We are better together.


  • Melanie C. Jones

    Melanie's mission is to make a difference by fostering self-awareness in children & adults.

    Melanie C. Jones Consulting

    Melanie Jones is a Learning and Development Coach. Melanie is passionate about collaborating with Leaders and their teams to design innovative employee programs that inspire their personal self-awareness and professional development to ensure their well-being. Melanie has efficiently led the analysis, design, development, delivery and evaluation of scalable, global talent development programs for a variety of audiences. Melanie has a rich history of success building trust when creating and identifying programs that transform and motivate employee behavior resulting in effective organizational change.

    Melanie earned her BA in Sociology from the University of San Francisco and an MS in Organization Development from the University of San Francisco. She has a Coaching Certification ICF PCC, studied at Stanford School of Medicine for Compassion Cultivation Training, received training at the Leadership Institute(SIYLY), focusing on Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Awareness and formal Public Speaking Training at Power Speak and has a LinkedIn Conscious Business Leadership Development Certification.

    "As humans we lead with what we know, how connected we are to ourselves and others. To date, we are living in impermanence, the unknown. Here is the good news, our ability to reflect, be curious, will always leads back to our North Star, ourselves, our truth"   Melanie Jones