King Camilla is riding her horse to victory!

Fortuitously, I had the good fortune to discover a children’s book that couldn’t have come at a better time than now. Now is a period in our history where we are collectively examining how this culture portraits people who are a different skin tone than white and this book addresses it. King Camilla is a children’s book that is going to make very happy all mommies and daddies of little colored girls. I immediately contacted the author and he provided me with a PDF copy of his book and those lovely images. The illustrations by Zay Harding are colorful and full of life and contribute to the enchantment this book provided me. The book is presently available on Amazon Books.

King Camilla is a children’s book from kids age two to eight that embraces diversity, breaks down stereotypes, and empowers all little girls and boys who may face obstacles to pursue their dreams. The heroine is called Camilla, and she dreams of governing her father’s kingdom. But her dad, a kindly and traditional king, turns her down because she’s a girl. Well, Camilla won’t take no for an answer, and she sets to prove to her dad and the kingdom that she is as worthy as any boy in the country of becoming head of state.

SP Rutledge, the author, is a first-time author based in Los Angeles. SP told The Scope Weekly, “I wrote this book because I want to inspire every kid to follow their dreams,” said Rutledge. “Even if their dreams seem impossible and have never been done before, I want them to know that they can change their world, just like Camilla. My hope is parents will read this one of a kind, inspiring illustrated tale, to show their kids they can conquer anything!”

I think it’s about time that we see a little girl with a darker skin tone slaying dragons and fulfilling her ambitions!

It’s good for the soul, and it may be just what this culture needs right now! And the good news is King Camilla is the first book in a series of three. SP has big ambitions and inspires to see his books turn into a movie. I love supporting creative people, and I wish SP Rutledge much success and am looking forward to Book 2 of the series. You go, King Camilla!