Acropolis in Athens, Greece  View from Tudor Hall rooftop – 10 minute walk from the King George

Do you remember when you were a kid and you said to yourself, when I’m older I’m gonna do this…my life will look like this, I will have that… Well one of my very first memories almost 20 years ago, while I was in Greece one summer, a loving person gratefully took me to the King George in Athens. Little did I know it would make such an extreme impact on my life.  From the first glance I was LOVE-STRUCK & in absolute breathtaking awe.   After passing through the beautiful lobby & up to the rooftop level of the Tudor Hall, I remember saying silently to myself,  I want a life like this, I want to come here when I’m older, I want this to be apart of my everyday lifestyle.  I didn’t know it at the time but visually & sensorially being exposed to such a magical- inspirational place set new heights & goals within myself for me to look forward to & achieve for my future self

  • Mental health is number one for me so being able to connect with my past high vibrational thoughts to my thoughts of today is meaningful in a way words cannot really describe.  You know you and your thoughts that’s all that matters. 
Tudor Hall where thought came into play & dream fulfilled, full circle & met my younger soul again

I think moments like these in life are the most enriching & rewarding: to make an agreement with self, to make a commitment with self & then to have an inner dialogue throughout the years to obtain & design ones life. I think this is super powerful.

The first thing I did when I arrived:  I took a long much needed bathe and rest.  

Of course they have one of my most desired brands in the world!  Acqua Di Parma – My bff J. Logan Horne turned me onto it when we were living together in LA over a decade ago.  The smell makes my heart melt & gives me such a great sense of peace.  

Follow your instincts:

It’s important to plant seeds with thyself: You plant the seed then nourish it with water as much as possible & then when the moment is right it will naturally align with who you are & what you desire the most.  Showing up, being there, gave me such a sense of accomplishment, gave me a new freeing confidence within myself that I actually had this dream-desire from almost two decades ago and to be reunited with my soul spirit made me feel inner peace & harmony that dreams do come true and we do have a say where we go & the outcome of our choices.  The power of CHOICE, our thoughts & words are everything & most of the time we do not even understand or realize it.  Check out this amazing Ted Talk by Caroline Myss on Choices that can Change your LifeMyss is brilliant!

Time to explore Art Culture & Education Expand the Mind in the King George lobby 

Artist: Sofia Petropoulou Title: “Ship” Medium: Oil on canvas Size: 160 x 160 cm.,

This piece is an abstract depiction of a ship. Sofia Petropoulou is using her spatula in order to apply the oil paint and create a three dimensional feeling in this atmospheric artwork. Sofia Petropoulou was born in 1964 in Greece. She obtained a Masters Degree in Sociology of Education, University of Exeter, UK.

Artist: Joe Black (British, Born 1973) Title: ‘Experimental” (David Bowie) Medium: Mixed media (9,000 hand painted Test tubes filled with colors) on aluminum Size: 150 x 150 cm

Joe Black’s ‘Experimental’- Ziggy Stardust’s face made entirely of upturned test tubes filled with paint. As well as creating an amazing pixelated effect, the test tubes reference how Bowie himself was the King of experimentation. He constantly pushed the boundaries of creativity and innovation. This portrait aspires to recreate these feelings… This artwork was acquired from Opera Gallery in London in June 2013 from the exhibition titled “The many faces of David Bowie”. 2013 had been huge for David Bowie, with the release of his first album for 10 years. Also the launch of the infamous David Bowie was the exhibition at the V&A museum in London which might have been a main inspiration for a Bowie mania.

Artist: Pavlos Samios (Greek, Born 1948) Title: “Still Life”Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size: 95 x 135 cm.,

I took time off electronics to hand write some loving words on some postcards to friends & family
Make time for you- Enrich and inspire your own life & then you will enrich & inspire others. 

Breathtaking visuals of the King George

Connect with your roots
Discover your bliss
What makes you joyful and in peace? 
King George in Athens, Greece
Kallimarmaro  Stadium – ten minute walk from the King George

This moment in time I will look back, be proud, grateful to know that I walked, led a life of choice to honor, make self happy and to have & owned self love.  

It’s memories & merits like these that remind me,  I am on my path and that everything happens for a reason.  I too have a purpose here on this planet within this universe and I know if you are reading this you know you do as well.  Enjoy this precious gentle beautiful journey.  

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” -John Lennon