Clothes are a great way of expressing one’s true self. However, not everyone gets the same options as everybody else. Racquel Johnson experienced how it became harder to find clothes for her daughter born with special needs. Today, in tribute to her daughter’s memory, Racquel built the clothing brand called KMJ LOVE LLC to help children with special needs and their parents find clothes that would fit their conditions.

Racquel’s daughter, Kaydence, sparked the founding of KMJ LOVE. The black woman-owned company is the first to have a physical location solely dedicated to providing clothing for the special needs community. Specifically, the brand creates adaptive wear made to make the lives of those who have to wear trachea and G-tube easier and more comfortable. The brand helps to “add color and variety to the lives of these miracle children.”

Racquel loved her daughter dearly, and she wanted her to have the freedom to express herself through fashion, despite having her tube. She wanted her to “embrace and showcase her exquisite sense of style,” but Racquel could not find the appropriate clothes that would adapt to her condition, especially as Kaydence was growing up. Racquel described her daughter as “truly spectacular,” but unfortunately, Kaydence passed.

In honor of her daughter, Racquel built a brand that would help others in similar situations. As a mother, she knows the struggle of facing reality where clothing is not inclusive for everyone. She witnessed the limited fashion options for her daughter. Hence, creating fashionable choices for children with special needs became her life mission. 

KMJ LOVE helps every child be themselves with its variety of colors, prints, and styles. It lets them live the best lives they possibly can while not feeling restricted by clothing that was not customized to their needs. “Building this brand will not just help me keep my daughter’s memories alive but also afford me the opportunity to educate families across the world on how to love and cater to those with special needs,” said Racquel.

To echo the founder’s words, KMJ LOVE is born out of sentimental meaning, love, and personal experience. Additionally, the products are made with 100% organic cotton, addressing the sensitivity of children with special needs. Racquel and her team ensure the safety of their wearers, knowing how fragile their health can be.

KMJ LOVE carries a line of bodysuits, g-tube clothing, and their diverse baby collection. They also offer merchandise for adults who want to raise awareness to the public about children with special needs. The brand is also currently working on a special needs superhero comic book for the special needs community.

Racquel aims to educate families with children with special needs to nurture them by introducing them to fashionable options. KMJ LOVE spreads the message that children with special needs do not need to feel limited and restricted when it comes to clothing. Just like everybody else, they deserve to live with colors, patterns, and styles.

Learn more about KMJ LOVE LLC on its website.