Sarah Benken

Sarah Benken is a high-achieving and dynamic businesswoman, but she never quite felt like she fit into the mold of the typical CEO. Having built and grown brands internationally, she found success, but still, the lack of solid connections left her empty. She decided to do something about it. If she couldn’t find a community to connect with, she’d create it herself.

The stress of life is something we all feel, but add in the workings of running a business with a lack of support and belonging and you can feel alone. KNOW is a community that offers a safe place for women to engage, grow, and collaborate in business. Her mission is to lift other women and help them find success.

Sarah aims to amplify women’s voices and teach them how to strengthen their businesses—not through a costly course, but rather with tips and sharing inspiration, lessons, and hard-earned knowledge.

Sarah Benken is an award-winning businesswoman and has been featured in countless print magazines, showcasing her success as a thriving businesswoman. She’s done it all while bootstrapping, not building up debt like so many others get burdened with. Her goal is to lift other women and create a vibrant community where everyone goes on to enjoy the fruits of labor and growth in their businesses.

KNOW, Sarah’s newest brand centered around impact for women, is a diverse collaborative and open to ALL women. They’ve helped thousands find support to level up in life and business. What’s next? Come fall 2020, she’s launching a non-profit [KNOW Cares] which aims to raise funds for women and youth across the globe. KNOW Cares will include emergency relief for businesswomen, leadership development, and mentorship opportunities, as well as grants to aspiring female entrepreneurs. Her non-profit also aims to help women in 2nd and 3rd world countries better their lives by ensuring educational opportunities.

With a strong mind for business and the ability to collaborate with like-minded women, Sarah Benken is changing the world and helping women in the process. She says, while it’s not easy, and you’ll need to work hard, with the right education and community, you too can find success.

Balancing both work and home can be a challenge, but with a clear mind and strong focus toward continued success and helping others, she’s driven to juggle the workload with grace.

Lastly, KNOW is a high-achieving culture. Its purpose is to elevate and connect women and their businesses, professions, and communities, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, color, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, socioeconomic status, or physical appearance.