Clarity is such a simple word, and such an essential part of motivation and inspiration in life. To know who you are, where you are going and how you want to get there lightens your load and brightens the journey. Clarity in life allows you to move from the passenger to the driver’s seat, to take control and get excited about the road of opportunity ahead.

Leaders, game changers, outstanding communicators and authentically happy people are masters of self-connection, awareness and understanding the basics of their why. They are in touch with their purpose, cause or the beliefs that get them up and going every morning.

Get in touch to open up an incredible sense of freedom in life.

Get in touch with what you do.

Get in touch with how you do it.

Get in touch with why you do it.

‘Your why provides you with clarity, meaning and direction.’

Without clarity you can find yourself relying solely on others’ opinions and approval and staying in your comfort zone instead of taking some well thought through risks to advance forward. You may find yourself being defensive and at the same time not fully open to accepting compliments and praise.

Touching base every day with essential powerful questions to keep you connected with your mindset, your heart space, your purpose and your ultra-inspired self is a habit worth cultivating. The answers lie within you and the means of seeking them out will build your self-esteem and cut through the fog in your mind and day-to-day living.

Once the answers are clear, you will be able to hear your own voice and find your unique pathway, not someone else’s. You will be focused on bringing value to your life rather than comparing yourself with others and getting caught up in the world of distraction, procrastination and mindless, meaningless entertainment. Focus, inspiration, motivation, happiness, vision and a forward pathway will open up to allow you to find the inner calm and harmony that we need and crave. This clarity will allow you to give without resentment and to embrace each and every day.

Clarity starts with asking yourself the most powerful questions and thinking about them until your answers are clear. Vague questions with vague answers lead to vague results, and will end up with you feeling like you are just existing rather than grabbing life by the horns and launching into it with great intention. So, take a little time to drill down and find crystal-clear clarity on the basic foundations of You Inc. Higher quality, simple questions lead to better results and outcomes in life, both personally and professionally.

If you have a big and hearty understanding of your why, you will always figure out the what and the how. If you don’t have clarity around your personal BIG why, you’ll always use the what and the how as an excuse for not doing, living and being the absolute best and most thriving version of yourself.

To get you closer to your true self again, to connect with your own personal foundation, the core of who you are and what your life journey is about, start with asking yourself these simple yet powerful questions:

What or who is most important to me?

What do I want right now?

Who and/or what inspires me?

What made me happiest as a child?

If I didn’t have fear, what would I do moving forward?


  • Shannah and Lyndall, The Essentialists are internationally acclaimed educators of life and wellness skills. Dubbed the Thelma & Louise of wellness, Shannah and Lyndall between them have more than three decades of presenting and executive coaching experience across public and corporate sectors globally. Shannah and Lyndall work with a diverse range leaders and levels from CEO’s, management executives, entrepreneurs, sporting leaders including Olympians and many people in between to empower and educate. There is a reason companies like Google, Nike and Apple are embracing wellness and lifeskills as a tool for reducing stress in their companies. They have realized the detrimental impact stress has on the efficiency and health of their staff. For people globally, it is time to educate them, to bring them back to some form of self care and reduce the burden on our health and corporate investments. Shannah and Lyndall educate and inspire their audiences to take control of their health and ultimately their happiness by implementing and committing to what it essential.