We can sometimes find a calm awareness inside us, an inner space with a universal quality, something that seems to exist inside all of us.

Finding this calm inner space is useful to us. The realization of universal consciousness brings with it a sense that we’re part of something much larger than our everyday life might suggest.

It reminds us that we’re the human expressions of a conscious intelligence that exists throughout the Universe.

We’re the living expressions of a cosmic intelligence that’s transforming itself into the precisely orchestrated biochemistry of our bodies, allowing us to live life as a human being.

Whenever we want to, we can tune into and access the transformative power of this cosmic consciousness inside all of us. The universal conscious awareness has an unlimited capacity for change and evolution.

We can find an intuitive realization of the presence of this spatial conscious awareness, whenever we inwardly focus our attention.

In our busy everyday world, we can sometimes lose touch with the spaciousness inside us that allows us to realize this cosmic connection, and find ourselves getting snagged up in our thinking.

We’re not our thoughts about ourself however, we’re the universal conscious space in all of us that’s giving rise to thoughts. Our thinking appears in this universal space and tugs at our attention, distracting us from being consciously present.

Sometimes these thoughts can separate us from other people, tell us we’re separate from the world or make us unhappy in some way.

When we can tune in to an unlimited source of inspiration and intelligence inside ourselves, however, we don’t need to think ourselves into being unhappy, hurt or diminished by our everyday life experiences.

Tuning in helps us bounce back from unfortunate circumstances and makes us more resilient.

We can reach into the inner conscious space with our attention, and it dissolves us into itself. We can realize and know the cosmic space as one conscious awareness in all of us.

Knowing this unlimited cosmic intelligence inside ourselves, helps us find the intuition and insight to change our life for the better, if we need to.

Consciousness in all space is transforming cosmic energy into clusters of tiny resonances inside the living cells of our body, like three-dimensional music.

This conscious cosmic space looks through all of us and sees itself, appearing as a world. We’re consciousness in the Universe transforming itself into living beings.

We can reconnect every day with this cosmic awareness inside all of us.

Paul Mulliner is a writer and digital artist

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