Every entrepreneur like you wants to build a thriving business. Regardless of size, every business’s shared goal is to generate more profit in the long run. Digital and social media platforms have altered the business landscape that brought unparalleled opportunities for everyone to aspire to launch their own business. Consequently, there is so much more competition out there in the business arena than ever before.

Amid a competitive landscape, you might be asking how your business can thrive. Is there a way to rise above the sea of competition wherein so many people are selling the same stuff as you are? It will all boil down to knowing your customers. It may sound fundamental, but the reality is that your business’s success or failure highly depends on your customers.

Understanding your customer is highly valuable for any business because it is the primary driver of success. Successful companies know that their customers are the lifeline of their business. If you do not have a strong customer base, chances are your business will be out of operation.  You might have the best product, but you might end up marketing it to the wrong audience if you do not understand your customer.

Entrepreneurs like you need to exert effort to have in-depth knowledge about your customers. What are their needs and wants? Do you know their pain points? And do you understand their buying behavior? This information about your customers should serve as your guide in crafting how you will position your product and knowing potential buyers of your product or service.

Here are four ways that you can do to have a better understanding of your customers:

Ask Your Customers  

Suppose you need to find out more about your customers, who are the best source of information – your customers themselves. No one knows much better about their needs and pain points than themselves. So, if you want to discover more about them, why not ask your customers.

Experts believed that there is nothing that can replace talking to your customers directly. You can have a random one-on-one conversation with an existing customer. You can inquire about why they like your product and how they can do it much better. It allows you to learn more insights into your customers’ needs that can help you align your product or service to their needs.

The one-on-one conversation also gives your customers the feeling that you value their opinion. Studies have shown that consumers love brands that listen to their concerns. It may be a simple method, but it helps you find new opportunities to rise above the competition.

Conduct Customer Surveys 

The most commonly used method of getting data from your customers is through surveys. Some brands conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys to track if their customers are satisfied with their product or service. It allows them to determine their strong points and areas that they need to improve.

Surveys are essential tools to understand how your customers perceive your product or service and how they feel about it. Nowadays, you can do surveys online. Many software tools allow you to conduct surveys through your website. You can also personalize your survey through email. You can use your database for email marketing to send online surveys to your existing customers. There are web-based tools that you can use for a questionnaire for free.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Nowadays, social media presence is inevitable. That is why it is always a vital component of any marketing strategy. Social media platforms are great tools to promote your brand. On the other side, social media platforms are an excellent source of data about your customers.

Most social media platforms have audience insights for business accounts. Insights from Facebook and Twitter can provide you with your audience’s demographics, social media consumption, and buying habits. You can leverage these insights to understand your customers better. You can also use this information to tweak your marketing strategy.

Likewise, you can check the comment section of your social media account. In most instances, it is a gold mine on what your customers like about your product or service. You can also find out what your customers are complaining about.

Leverage On Social Listening

Since almost everyone is online nowadays, social listening is becoming an essential tool of brands for audience research. You gather data, social mentions and broader customer conversations about your brand and get insights to make better decisions. 

It tracks conversations beyond your social media account. You will know what your customers are talking about concerning your brand. It helps you determine the sentiments or feelings of your customer toward your brand. Insights on your customers’ sentiments about your brand enable you to expand your understanding of your customers’ needs and behavior.

Final Thoughts

Understanding your customers is crucial to creating the best onboarding experience. In most cases, the first interaction of a customer with your business is the onboarding process. It usually determines if they will continue transacting with your business or not. Hence, it is essential to design your onboarding process around your customers’ needs.

Studies have revealed that a business could potentially lose up to 75% of its new customers in the first week of engagement. If you have a better understanding of your customers, you can entice them to stay through an optimized onboarding process. Designing a customer-centric onboarding process might pose a challenge to you, so why not let SignDs provide you the simplest and fastest onboarding solution for your business. 
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