When we become aware of the thoughts and programs running through our minds, we can actually see what we’re saying to ourselves and letting into our life. No one teaches us to pay attention to our thoughts and beliefs, and understand where they come from.

Have you ever been an observer of your own mind; understanding the self- criticisms and negative programming that are running the stories you pay attention to?

We are conditioned to believe that our worst enemies are outside ourselves but the truth of the matter is that way too many people have been taught to believe that we’re not good enough. The external metrics of success — of being better, smarter, prettier, stronger, richer — have shut down our spirit’s ability to thrive.

When these deprecating thoughts are running through our mind, our biggest enemy is within us; telling us stories and convincing us of defeat. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There’s another way

What happens when we become aware of of our limiting beliefs and worst self-criticisms? We don’t have to go far to observe what’s happening in our mind. It takes little effort, and great self-awareness, to observe our thoughts.

When the world around us feeds us false programs and fears, we become part of that story and live in a world of blame and hurt. It’s easy to get locked into the prison of the mind. But the deeper questions arise when we start asking ourselves, who planted these thoughts in our minds, and are they truly ours?

The irony is that we’re all in need of acceptance and love, and we have been taught to seek it outside of ourselves. So many people seek fame and want to be recognized and celebrated by others. Our self-worth has been tied to what other people think of us. And often, we feel taken advantage and hurt when we don’t get that external validation. That’s the story of our times.

But there is another way that takes high self-awareness and a deep courage to experiment with life. Unless, we venture inside ourselves, we will struggle to find our path. When we’re in alignment with our thoughts about all that we truly are, we unlock the abundant self-love and acceptance that has always been here. Here are a few ways to take control of your mental health, and please add your own as only you know yourself:

  • It takes effort to observe the stories and programs running in our mind. What thoughts and beliefs are getting your attention? Which ones are healthy and which ones are toxic? Where do they originate? Are they yours or have they been planted in your mind? What do you observe about how they’re influencing your life?
  • It takes guts to face the enemy within. When you can make it a practice to observe your thoughts and not let them run your life, you’ll be able to understand how you want to show up in the world. To be human is to feel all emotions from joy to grief. It would be delusional to be positive all the time. When a thought comes in, we can pause and see if they are our enemy or an ally. We can listen to our heart and intuition and understand whether the thought is sapping our energy or igniting us.
  • Self-love and self compassion are not narcism. We’ve all had our fair share of encounters with people who only care about themselves and it’s fascinating that many of the current world’s “leaders” are psychopaths and narcissists. This is a healthy reason to become a leader of our own life and not follow blindly. It’s up to each of us to participate in the world with self-awareness, love and compassion. Much happens when we learn to trust ourselves, and not give our power away to others. It’s a practice and a muscle to develop when we can acknowledge what’s happening inside ourselves instead of pushing it away.
  • Not much will change when we’re focused on finding fault and blame outside of ourselves. Becoming whole means that we can see the fragments of ourselves and treat them with deep compassion. We cannot change the past, and we don’t have to live in the mental prison of the mind. As we refrain from judgement and blame, we can move into seeing what’s possible and in front of us. We can shift from seeing problems to realizing the abundant opportunities that life can provide us.
  • What can we do? We can become aware of the deep programming that has been embedded within us so we can release it and make space for healthy living. When we can love what arises in our thoughts, our heart and mind will expand to open the doors of possibilities. When we are in alignment with our thoughts, we will accept and love ourselves and experience the deepest love available to us. Then, we can go out to the world with a healthy outlook of what is healthy and toxic for each of us. And yes, it’s personal and our work to do, individually and collectively.

We have an opportunity to wake up to our own voice and personal power. It takes guts to see the deep programming that encompasses daily life and a willingness to participate with self-love and compassion.

It’s perfectly healthy to meet the waves of defeat that come into our path. These emotions and thoughts arise for a reason, and it’s our job to understand their root cause. Much happens when we no longer suppress or resist them but understand their origins and why we don’t need to keep them around.

In 2020 and beyond, we are starting to become aware of the abundant resources available to us to experience life, and let go of what no longer serves us. Despite what the news reports, this is an amazing time to be alive and be thriving creators.

When we live in integrity, we’re fully connected within ourselves; flowing with the courage to show up in our highest intention, individually and collectively. Imagine being someone who says what they do, and does what they say; truly being a conscious leader who walks their talk with integrity. This is the gateway at the heart of our world.